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Side effects of COVID
Vaccine reported in UK

LONDON: The UK government has released a report highlighting adverse reactions to COVID19 vaccines both Pfizer and Oxford/AstraZeneca being used in UK since December 8th 2020. This report is based on ADRs reported via the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

Shockingly it reports five cases of blindness, transient blindness two, Central vision loss in one, reduced visual acuity one and Visual impairment in thirty one cases. Other adverse effects included cerebrovascular accidents in twenty one patients, ischemic stroke in six and SAH in two cases. Cerebellar infarction was seen in two, cerebral artery occlusion in one and cerebral hemorrhage in four patients. There have been cases of spontaneous abortions in a few cases Yellow Card Scheme also received fifty nine reports of death of which seven were sudden death. It may be mentioned here that most of the people who first got these vaccines were elderly. These are initial reports and long term adverse effects are not yet known.


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