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Local production of Corona
vaccine starts at NIH

ISLAMABAD: Local production of Corona vaccine named as PakVac has started at the National Institute of Health in collaboration with a Chinese Vaccine producer. The quantity imported in Bulk is now being locally filled and packed and transfer of technology is expected to be achieved during this collaboration. In the meantime, the WHO has announced that so far one lac fifteen thousand health workers have died due to Covid19 infection all over the world.

Are early treatments for
cerebral palsy effective?

Symptoms of cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture, appear early during childhood. A new analysis examines the effectiveness of therapies initiated from birth until 3 years of age for children with or at risk for cerebral palsy.

The analysis, which is published in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, included all systematic reviews from 2009–2020 that assessed the results of relevant published studies. Investigators concluded that research has generated limited supportive data and cannot yet confirm a greater benefit from early versus later interventions; however, earlier, more targeted research efforts are emerging that may provide novel insights.

With earlier identification now possible, our new imperative is to translate neuroscience evidence on early brain recovery in animals into transforming developmental motor outcomes in children with cerebral palsy, said co-author Diane L. Damiano, PhD, of the National Institutes of Health.

COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created
the Perfect Storm for Family Violence

In an article published in the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, experts stress that the COVID-19 pandemic presents the perfect storm for family violence, where a set of rare circumstances have combined to aggravate intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Factors during the pandemic that have come together to contribute to family violence may include increased stress and trauma, economic hardship, imposed isolation, and decreased access to community and faith-based support.

The authors note that public health officials and mental health professionals need to be aware of the impact of disasters on family violence, and they should strive to identify those at risk and provide much needed support.

Emergency and disaster situations such as we are seeing with the COVID-19 pandemic are known to increase stress on individuals and families. One unfortunate outcome of that stress is an increase in family violence, said lead author Kim Usher, RN, PhD, of the University of New England, in Australia. Nurses are well placed to provide early interventions to reduce stress on families and to assist those for whom family violence is a risk or a reality.

Dr. Ghulam Akbar
Ghangro passes away

Karachi: Dr. Ghulam Akbar Ghangro Regional Head of World Health Organization passed away last week due to Covid19 infection. After getting infection he was admitted to a private hospital in Karachi where he could not survive and lost battle for his life.