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80 HCPs in Pakistan
suffer from COVID19

Lahore: Disturbing news are coming from different parts of Paksitan of healthcare professionals which includes doctors, nurses and paramedics looking after the Corona patients having tot infected and they have been put in quarantine. It may be mentioned here that they have all along been protesting and asking for provision of PPEs and N95 Masks but these could not be provided by the authorities in time.

Now a large number of doctors in Lahore, Multan, Quetta, and Karachi, Gilgit and Baltistan and some other parts of the country have been infected. Death of two doctors one in Karachi and one from Gilgit Baltistan has been reported. One hopes that the authorities will provide the PPEs, Masks to the HCPs besides arranging for more kits to accelerate the pace of tests being performed while provision of more ventilators is also accelerated as we enter in a very decisive phase of COVID19. The months of April and May could be very difficult.

The authorities in Pakistan have also made the same mistake which was made by authorities in Italy of admitting the COVID19 patients in hospitals with non-infected patients by arranging Isolation Wards within the healthcare facilities which spread the infection leading to increased mortality in Italy. Let us have thee Isolation Wards, Units and Quarantine facilities separately away from the hospitals.

Heart Failure Summit at
Swat in September 2020

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Cardiac Society’s Heart Failure Council met here on March 7th during the 23rd annual conference of Pakistan Hypertension League under the chairmanship of Prof. Abid Ameen. It discussed the work done so far and also decided to organize Heart Failure Summit at Swat in September 2020. The provisional dates for the meeting were also decided as September 11-13th 2020.

The meeting also decided to create awareness about heart failure, training of healthcare professionals in heart failure management, organize awareness Walks to engage public and use media to enlighten the public about heart failure and its complications. The Theme of the forthcoming Heart Failure Summit will be Add Quality Life Years, Stronger Heart Beats Longer.

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