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PM&DC revived,
being reconstituted

ISLAMABAD: As expected, the government has revived Pakistan Medical & Dental Council which is being reconstituted and done away with the Pakistan Medical Commission. It has fulfilled one of the important demands that medical profession should be monitored and governed by medical profession and not by anyone else. However, can they run and manage the PM&DC affairs efficiently in a transparent manner are a big question mark. If the past is any indication, they had miserably failed and this did provide an opportunity to the authorities establish the Pakistan Medical Commission.

In the past PM&DC had become a den of corruption, nothing moved without greasing the palms of those who mattered. Let us hope that the profession has learnt some lessons and won’t make and repeat those mistakes. First of all it needs to ensure that it has a very democratic structure, people are nominated on merit and based on their professional competence. Human interaction should be minimized by adopting information technology and going for automation. Decisions should be time based and timely response to the queries should be ensured. PM&DC also needs to be decentralized and shifting some of the work like registration, renewal etc., to the regional offices would save lot of time.

Inspection and recognition of medical institutions should be transparent and streamlined. Make sure that the private medical institutions are not allowed to get away with inadequate teaching and training facilities, they must have adequate faculty and proper infrastructure. The PMC leadership had worked out an efficient inspection system and there is no harm in benefitting from that experience. One hopes that the Journals Evaluation and Recognition Committee of the PM&DC which had done lot of useful work will also be revived to help promote research culture and the art of scientific writing which will go a long way in promoting the discipline of medical journalism as well. The newly enacted bill needs some modifications and changes hence the authorities will be well advised to bring those changes after meaningful discussion with all the stake holders. How the new set up of PM&DC functions will be watched with interest by all those concerned.

Prof. Razzaque Shaikh
appointed Registrar CPSP

KARACHI: Prof. Abdul Razazaq Shaikh a noted surgeon has been appointed as the new Registrar of College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, says a notification issued by Prof. Irshad Waheed Secretary CPSP

Prof. Razzaq Sheikh, it may be mentioned here retired as Prof. of Surgery from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences and has also served as Councilor of CPSP.

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