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PAME National Conference at UHS
Lahore on April 26-27th 2014


LAHORE: Pakistan Association of Medial Editors (PAME) is holding its national conference at University of Health Sciences Campus Lahore on Saturday and Sunday April 26-27th 2014. Prof. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Aslam VC UHS and former President of PAME is the Chairperson of the organizing committee. Detailed scientific programme, scientific and other members of the organizing committee will be finalized soon.

Children Hospital Lahore annual
symposium on December 27 & 28th 2013

LAHORE: Panel Discussion on Integration of Paediatric Health Services is one of the important highlights of the 10th Annual Symposium of Children Hospital, Institute of Child Health Lahore being held on December 27th and 28th 2013. The programme includes Shaukat Raza Memorial lecture, plenary lectures and free paper sessions.
The scientific programme is spread over five sessions on both days. Apart from the presentations, numbers pre and post conference workshops have been planned. The topics selected for these workshops include paediatric emergency care, counseling in childhood diseases, Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis, Supportive care in paediatrics haematology and oncology, practical approach in paediatric asthma, Diagnosis and Management of Dengue, Research Methodology, Live Operative workshop on paediatric laparoscopy, Basic procedural skills in paediatric medicine, Physical therapy in cerebral palsy, Mechanical ventilation in children and Evaluation of Hip and Foot in neonates. Prof. Masood Sadiq is the head of the institution while Prof. Saleem is chairperson of the organizing committee. The symposium is likely to attract paediatricians from all over the country. Registration Fee for Consultants is Rs. 2,500/- and Rs. 1,000/- for junior doctors, nurses and allied personnel.

Morphine may reduce 
Clopidogrel’s effectiveness

Research published online in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that morphine may reduce clopidogrel effectiveness. For the study, 24 health individuals were given “either a dose of Plavix with an injection of morphine or a placebo.” The investigators found that “morphine delayed” Plavix’s ability “to thin a patient’s blood by an average of two hours.” Additionally, morphine “delayed the body’s absorption of Plavix and decreased blood levels of the drug by about half.”

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