Fast-Idea -Debate Competition
Children by PharmEvo

KARACHI. Whenever a PharmEvo event is mentioned, the first thought that comes to the mind of the listener is usually that the event would be some kind of an intellectual gathering. This is because, ever since its inception, PharmEvo has organized social gatherings which always have a motive of inculcating healthy mental and social habits. It may be mentioned here that PharmEvo, in the past, has organized several Mushairas, Cultural evenings, CMEs and published several books in the genre of “Urdu Adab”, all of them have shown a strong commitment of this company to their vision “Our dream, a healthier society”. 

Group photo of winners of Fast-Idea -Debate Competition along with Toastmaster
International representative Dr. Saleem and members
 Marketing and Sales of PharmEvo.

Recently, PharmEvo has gone one step further by organizing an unprecedented event with the name of Fast-Idea for one of their products. The Fast-Idea series of event is an Extempore Debate Competition for Children from the age of twelve to sixteen. The event was different from any standard debate competition which can be explained by Fast-Idea’s tagline “Small Idea, Big Impact”. The children were given separate issues faced by Pakistani society today and they presented their points in the form of a debate in groups of five. In the end, all the groups presented the “Small Idea” that can change the entire problem on its head. As expected, these young and creative children gave amazing ideas that can, if implemented, be very effective in solving basic issues like poverty, lack of education etc. 

The debates were evaluated by Dr. Salim, President of a renowned Public Speaking Society Toast Masters Club International. In the end, the awards and gifts were presented to participants by Judges. The event was a great success, appreciated by participants and parents alike. Apparently the marketing team at PharmEvo is outdoing itself by coming up with such events every year. Considering their relentless endevour, one hopes that PharmEvo achieves its dream of a healthier society. Fast-Idea was organized at Arena, Karachi on the 9th of September 2012. Around One hundred and fifty people attended the event. (PR)

 PharmEvo organized ACLS 
workshop in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

MIRPUR: M/s PharmEvo arranged an Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) workshop in Kashmir Institute of Cardiology Mirpur Azad Kashmir recently. The two days session was a successful event in which 31 doctors participated to sharpen their skills to tackle cardiac emergencies. Dr. Khurram Zubair demonstrated the techniques to save life in Cardiac Emergencies. Dr. Aurangzeb also spoke on the occasion. Mr. Taha Qadri (GPM PharmEvo) addressing the participants highlighted the various activities being organized by PharmEvo for the medical profession.


PharmEvo Team with Dr. Raza Gorsi, Dr. Aurangzeb and Dr. Khurram Zubair
at the end of ACLS Workshop held at Kashmir Institute
of Cardiology
Mirpur, Azad Kashmir

PharmEvo has been recognized for its bold stance to trail the blaze in a direction that directly benefits the society thereby conforming to its slogan ‘Our dream a healthier society’. PharmEvo makes its contribution to society through a diverse range of programs that directly enhance the capacity building of people around us.(PR)

 International Urology
meeting in Philippines

MANILA: The International Urology Meeting (IUM) 2012 was held on September 21, 2012 in Manila, Philippines. It was organized by Philippine Urological Association Inc.(PUA) in collaboration with Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons(PAUS). IUM Meeting is a continuation of commitment to science, academics & clinical excellence. This year many specialists attended the IUM, and it was an opportunity for delegates to share & network with an international panel of renowned academic speakers. It was an interactive and informative session and to make the meeting more interesting, the forum included a case study
Dr. Salman El Khalid, the Chief Urologist and Head of Department at the Kidney Center in Karachi opened the session with his keynote address on Understanding OAB in Men and Women and also presented interesting case studies. Dr, Khursheed Anwar, the President of PAUS, Prof. M. Nawaz Chugtai and Dr. Aziz Abdullah, along with several renowned Filipino Urologists participated on the IUM 2012 panel
The objective of establishing the IUM is to provide specialists a platform where they can promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, and also share practical and local experiences in prevalence, control and treatment options for Urology diseases. (PR)

Cardiothoracic Surgery 
Dept. set up at OICD

KARACHI: An eminent Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Iftekhar Rathore was the chief guest at the formal inauguration of department of thoracic surgery established by Dow University of Health Sciences at its Ojha Campus recently. Speaking at the occasion he appreciated the struggle of Dow University to establish the Thoracic Surgery Department at OCID to provide free of cost treatment to the TB sufferers. He offered to share his professional experiences for further improvement of the Surgical Unit. Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi, Dr. Ismat Ara, Ms. Kimani of APWA, Dr. Solat Fatimi and Senior Faculty Members of the University were also present on this occasin.
Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, Vice Chancellor, DUHS in his address said that University had established this Surgical Unit with the limited resources to provide services for the poor and needy patient free of cost. University has also established new bronchoscopy Unit.
Prof. Dr. Iftkhar Ahmed, Director-OICD sharing his views on the occasion said that OICD is treating more than 0.2 m TB patients annually among them 10% patients need surgery. He further stated that the Department of Thoracic Surgery at OICD, has a 6-Bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), two ventilators, two Bipaps, four cardiac monitors. Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases (OICD) is the third constituent institute of the Dow University of Health Sciences at its inception. The laboratory at OICD is designated as Provincial Reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis. Recently the existing facilities for the diagnosis, management and treatment of Tuberculosis have been greatly expanded. Currently, there are 144 registered patients of MDR TB at OICD of DUHS undergoing treatment. Some of them are admitted, to complete the initial work up and monitoring of the side effects of the drugs while the rest of them are treated as outpatients. (PR)

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