World Stroke Day meeting at JPMC

Control of BP can reduce stroke

KARACHI: Majority of strokes could be prevented by effective control of Blood pressure. This was the bottom line at “World stroke Day 2013” Public Awareness Program jointly organized by NARF and Pakistan Stroke Society at Najmuddin Auditorium JPMC Karachi.
Speaking at the occasion Prof. Wasay said that “More than 350,000 people suffer from stroke every year in Pakistan.” More than 70% of these stroke patients have High Blood pressure as major risk factor which is present in more than 30% of population above age 45. He further said that “Stroke is a preventable disease. Studies have shown that even reducing 3 mm diastolic blood pressure could reduce stroke risk by 25%. Blood pressure control and exercise is the key to stroke prevention.
Dr. Khalid Sher, Associate Professor of Neurology JPMC said that “death rate and disability due to stroke could be significantly reduced by post stroke care. If the patient is admitted in a stroke care unit, outcome is better. Whole family has to be involved in post stroke care.
Dr. Abdul Malik said that about a quarter of the patients could go back to work if properly treated. Stroke service will have to be part of every inpatient set up & timely treatment at hospitals emergency room and continues in form of rehabilitation after discharge will be helpful in effective recovery from stroke.
Dr. Nabila Soomro, Consultant Rehabilitation Specialist said that rehab should start early and first 4- 6 weeks are most important. Speakers also emphasized importance of treating depression in stroke patients. (PR)

Students advised to get admission
in registered medical, dental colleges

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) has so far recognized 90 medical colleges and 39 dental colleges both in public and private sector throughout Pakistan. In Sindh out of 22 medical colleges, 9 are public and 13 private, in Punjab out of 46, 18 are public and 28 private, in KPK out of 17, 8 are public and 9 private, in Baluchistan out of 2 medical college one is public and one in private sector and in AJK out of 3 medical college two are in public and one in private sector which have been recognized. Whereas In Sindh out of 16 dental colleges, 4 are in public and 12 are in private, in Punjab out of 15, 3 are in public and 12 in private, in KPK out of 7, two are in public and 5 in private, in Baluchistan only one public sector dental colleges are recognized by PMDC.
The students who intend to get admission in medical or dental colleges are advised to join only the recognized and registered colleges. Students can check the list of registered and authorized medical and dental colleges from PMDC website. (PR)

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