PMA urges Govt. to document
major diseases during Census

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association has requested the government to also collect data of major diseases like Oral Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hepatitis B&C, and HIV-AIDs and about disable people (causes of disability) in the upcoming National Population Censes.

A communication issued by PMA says that it was very important to do so because as far as our health is concerned we do not have any solid data about the major diseases in Pakistan. We only depend upon the data collected by some International Organizations.  As such upcoming National Population Censes will be the best opportunity to collect this data to find out burden of diseases in Pakistan. This will be helpful to our health policy makers to make strategies for prevention, control and management of these diseases.

 For the last many years, our health indicators have failed to show any positive trend. In fact in some of the areas things have gone from bad to worse. So, to tackle our health issues we need to have a concrete data to make a strong and comprehensive health policy for the ailing people of Pakistan. (PR)

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