GPs Excellence Program

PharmEvo signs MOU with IoBM

KARACHI: PharmEvo plans to enhance GPs knowledge, efficiency for which it has signed an MOU with Institute of Business Management for “GPs Excellence Program”. In this programme practicing doctors would be offered skills in Basic Business Management, Marketing, Finance and Business Communication in order to further equip them to do their medical practice more efficiently & effectively. The course duration would be spread over twelve-week and it would be conducted by faculty members of Health Management of IoBM.


Mr. Jamshed Ahmed, Mr. Talib Karim, Mr. Shakil Ahmed, Mr. Kamran Ali Zaman
Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder, Dr. Aasmah Faisal, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed and others
photographed during MOU signing ceremony by Institute of Business
Management and PharmEvo held at Karachi recently.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Jamshed Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo, said that this certificate program would be the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between both PharmEvo and IoBM to build career of health professionals.
Mr. Talib Karim (Executive Director, IoBM), emphasized the importance of business education with health profession. This educational program, he said, is the first step to start Certificate Course for General Practitioners (GPs) to excel their skills and enhancement of ability. Others who were present on this occasion included Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder (Dean, IoBM), Dr. Aasmah Faisal (Head of Health Management Faculty, IoBM), Mr. Shakil Ahmed (Director Marketing, PharmEvo), Mr. Shoaib Ahmed (Marketing Manager, PharmEvo) Mr. Kamran Ali Zaman (Business Manager, PharmEvo), and Mr. Owais Qureshi (Assistant Product Manager, PharmEvo). (PR)

Congenital clubfoot

Ponseti clinic set up at
DUHS to treat children

KARACHI: Foot deformities are very common in newborn children. Globally, 2 out of 1000 children are affected from it. This deformity is more in boys as compare to girls. The majority of foot deformity can be treated without operation. An American research and orthopaediatric surgeon Dr. Ponseti discovered a technique which is painless, fast, cost-effective and successful in almost 100% of all congenital clubfoot cases. Dow University of Health Sciences has now established a Club Foot Ponseti Clinic at its Ojha Campus to treat children with congenital clubfoot cases free of cost. These views were expressed by experts at a Public Awareness Seminar after the inauguration of Club Foot Ponseti Clinic. It was attended by Dr. Morcuende is Chief Medical Director of the Ponseti International, Dr. Anis Bhatti of JPMC, Prof. M. Masroor, Prof. Pervaiz Anjum, Prof. Mujahid Humail along with senior orthopaediatric surgeons and general public as well.
They further said that the manipulative treatment of clubfoot deformity is based on the inherent properties of the connective tissue, cartilage, and bone, which respond to the proper mechanical stimuli created by the gradual reduction of the deformity. The ligaments, joint capsules, and tendons are stretched under gentle manipulations. A plaster cast is applied after each manipulation to retain the degree of correction and soften the ligaments. The displaced bones are thus gradually brought into the correct alignment with their joint surfaces progressively remodeled yet maintaining congruency. After two months of manipulation and casting the foot appears slightly over-corrected. After a few weeks in splints however, the foot looks normal.
It was further stated that the majority of clubfeet can be corrected in infancy in about six to eight weeks with the proper gentle manipulations and plaster casts. The treatment is based on a sound understanding of the functional anatomy of the foot and of the biological response of muscles, ligaments and bone to corrective position changes gradually obtained by manipulation and casting. (PR)

PMA Karachi on HEC being
formed in Sindh Province

KARACHI: Dr. Muhammad Idrees Adhi and Dr. Qazi Muhammad Wasiq President and General Secretary Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi has issued the following press release regarding the proposed Higher Education Commission being contemplated to be formed by province of Sindh.
“Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi is extremely concerned about the neo-formation of Higher Education Commission Sindh in the presence of HEC at Federal level. It will only produce confusion in Higher Education in Sindh Province. The Idea of Provincial HEC is not acceptable and it seems that Provincial Government is acting without proper consultation and understanding of situation for the vested interest group.
PMA is also concerned about the news that a chancellor of a Private University is nominated as the Chairman of proposed HEC in Sindh. It is disturbing to know that Sindh Government is appointing a Chancellor of a Private University with ambiguous qualifications who was also instrumental in the destruction of PMDC and does not believe on merit. Even if the government wants to have a Provincial HEC the nomination of Chairman suggests that government is not serious and sincere about proposed body and education, which is already deteriorating. The nomination of the Chairman without merit is against all the rules and regulation and it will further destroy and decay the education system.
PMA strongly believe that all appointments in education sector should be done on merit as per rules and regulation, if the government will pass a law about HEC Sindh and appoint a Chairman without merit, the PMA Karachi will knock the doors of Judiciary against this illegal decision in public interest.” (PR)

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