216 doctors have so far
become victim of Covid19

KARACHI: According to Pakistan Medical Association, so far 216 doctors have died due to covid-19 (Punjab-75, Sindh-75, KPK-56, Balochistan-6, Gilgit-Baltistan-1, Azad Jammu & Kashmir-3 and 31 paramedics have died of coronavirus. Nine doctors have died during last two weeks.

In these circumstances the PMA has suggested that doctors should always adopt SOPs to ensure their own protection. Nobody should think that getting a vaccine jab minimizes the need to follow SOPs, so wear mask and put face shield while examining the patients, wash hands after examining each patient. Principle of “No Mask No entry” should be strictly implemented at the clinics. PMA request all Healthcare Workers, doctors and paramedics, to strictly follow the guidelines of W.H.O while examining your patients.

PMA regretted that doctors’ safety is neglected by the authorities and even doctors neglect their own safety. (PR)