Chest physicians present cases
at Pulmo Club meeting

KARACHI: Inaugural session of PULMO-CLUB recently formed in the city was held in a local Hotel, on 19th, October, 2014. Similar clubs have been functioning in Islamabad, Peshawar, and Lahore for some time.  The club is a platform for chest physicians to discuss the problem cases and social contacts among them. Prof. Sohail Akhter, from Ziauddin University, briefed about the aims and objects of this club. He also presented a case of TB with Psoriasis.

Prof. Javaid A Khan of Aga Khan University discussed a case of Hijab Pin as foreign body in Trachea, and a case of Wegner’s Granulomatosis. Prof. Zafar Ahmad from Liaquat National Hospital discussed a case Sarcoidosis. Dr. Ali from LNH discussed a case of TB with recurring cold abscess during treatment

Dr. Zafaryab Hussain from Baqai University Hospital presented a case of TB getting Natural healing. Dr. Zaki Ahmed, Dr. Asif Naseem and Dr. Nisar Rao, also discussed their cases.(PR)

New biomedical engineering
approaches discussed at UHS

LAHORE: The University of Health Sciences (UHS) organized a talk on “Biomaterials and Tissues Engineering approaches for repairing peripheral nerve injuries”, on August 28. Director, Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at Kroto Research Institute, University of Sheffield, UK, Prof John W. Haycock was the guest speaker on the occasion.


Prof. Maj. Gen. M. Aslam VC UHS presenting a mementoe to Prof John W. Haycock
Director, Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at Kroto Research Institute,
University of Sheffield, UK after his presentation on Biomaterials and
Tissues Engineering approaches for repairing peripheral nerve injuries”,
at the UHS recently.

Prof. Haycock said that peripheral nerve injuries were common diseases that affected hundreds of thousands of patients every year. He was of the view that surgical treatment of peripheral nerve injury resulted in poor functional recovery for the patient, leading to significant long-term disability. He said that research was being carried out to develop an artificial nerve which would improve the regeneration results, using biopolymer conduits and genetically engineered cultured cells.

Prof. John Haycock works on the peripheral nerve regeneration and is a leading researcher in this rapidly growing field. He was accompanied by Prof Sheila Macneil, Professor of Tissue Engineering, a leading world authority on skin regeneration, and Dr Ihtesham ur Rehman from the University of Sheffield, UK. UHS Vice Chancellor Maj Gen (R) Prof Muhammad Aslam, faculty members and medical students attended the lecture. (PR)

World Pharmacists Day meeting
at Baqai Medical University

KARACHI: World Pharmacists Day was celebrated at Baqai Medical University with the objective to mark the importance and significance of the pharmacy. In this connection Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BIPS) organized a seminar at University auditorium.

Speaking at the occasion the Chief Guest Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan enlightened the audience with several noteworthy proceedings about pharmacists and pharmacy. He advised the students that they must pay attention to their studies and work for the betterment of the profession. Taking medicines without having proper knowledge of it is like “building a house without plan”. There are many disorders in our system due to which we are suffering from number of problems. Pakistan is lacking behind in the field of pharmacy because pharmacists are not given due recognition by the authorities.  Mr. Abdul Haseeb Khan further stated that he presented the pharmacy council bill in Senate in 2013 and it was passed by the Senate but till today it has not been approved by the Assembly. This shows that there is lack of seriousness at government’s side, although pharmacy is one of the largest industry and it gives financial support to our GDP. He further added that always remember that an achievement doesn’t require extra ordinary efforts and intelligence, it requires an ordinary ability with extra ordinary persistence. People are recognized by their works. It is not the degree which counts; it’s the person behind the degree which counts, he added.  Baqai Medical University students are lucky that they have senior professor in faculty.

 The Vice Chancellor Prof. Zahida Baqai said that healthy relationship between the doctors and pharmacists is mandatory because the doctors only make diagnosis while pharmacists take care of the quality of medicines. We have two kinds of pharmacists, community pharmacy and retail pharmacy. I think that retail pharmacy damages the image of pharmacists, she remarked. Earlier Dean Faculty of Pharmacy Dr Shoukat Khalid welcomed the guests and participants to the seminar. On the occasion BIPS magazine “Pharma Mag 2014” was also launched. (PR)

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