Siemens Healthcare presents latest
medical imaging products at
Radiology Conference at Lahore

LAHORE: Siemens Healthcare participated actively at the 30th Annual Radiology Conference organized by Radiology Society of Pakistan (RSP) held at Lahore from February 21 – 22, 2015. Siemens Healthcare shares a common goal with the RSP which is to improve the quality of patient care while improving radiological services in Pakistan. At the same time, continued medical education and research are key focus areas that aim to further the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals. Understanding the need for continued medical education in radiology, Siemens greatly supports the educational initiatives also sharing results from Siemens’ research in the field.

Group photograph shows Mr. Khurram Jameel, Head of Siemens Health care for Pakistan and
Afghanistan photographed along with Siemens healthcare team at the Siemens stall during the
30th Annual Radiology Conference held at Lahore from Feb. 21-22, 2015.
On right is a view of the Siemens stall at the Radiology conference. 

Over the years, Siemens Healthcare has been an active partner and contributor in furthering healthcare services in Pakistan. Siemens has introduced a broad array of products which deliver to the requirements and needs of healthcare providers today. The Siemens booth at the exhibition presented different diagnostic equipment which includes Computed Tomography scanners, Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, Ultrasound systems and Nuclear Medicine systems.A number of visitors including doctors, radiologists, cardiologists and support staff visited the Siemens booth at the exhibition and were visibly impressed by the latest technology and ease of use of the products.

A statement issued by Mr. KhurramJameel, Head of Siemens Healthcare for Pakistan and Afghanistan has said that Siemens Healthcare has been a reliable partner in developing the healthcare infrastructure in Pakistan by bringing technologically advanced solutions used for faster, improved and enhanced diagnoses and treatment to the country. Mr. KhurramJameel has further stated that it makes me very proud to see how Siemens has played an active part in this development and I would like to thank the peoples for continued trust in Siemens Healthcare.(PR)

Sindh Govt. accepts PMA demands
related to target killing of doctors

KARACHI: In the back drop of the strike called by the doctors on 2nd February 2015, and demands presented to Sindh Government, Sindh Government has accepted almost all four demands of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)  and other organizations and Societies.

The Government of Sindh has agreed to pay support money for the families of the Shaheed doctors. All the legal heirs of the Shaheed doctors of Karachi are advised to contact the PMA Karachi office to fulfill the legal formalities.  For details contact PMA House, Sir Aga Khan III Road, Karachi Ph: 021-32251159, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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