Newborn Resuscitation Program
at CPSP Regional Center, Lahore

LAHORE: “Newborn Resuscitation Program” was organized at College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Regional Center Lahore with the collaboration of Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA). Dr. Sajid Chaudhry, President APPNA, Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, Director National Residency Program CPSP, Dr. Najma Afzal, Member of Punjab Assembly and advisor to APPNA association and Dr. Ayesha Najib, Course Chair APPNA were also present.

Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Senior Vice President, CPSP, thanked Dr. Ayesha Najib for managing this programme. With the Implementation of Preventive measures during the birth of newborn the mortality rate can be minimized in rural areas. He also welcomed Dr. Najma Afzal Khan, Member Punjab Assembly, and appreciated the assurance given by her for providing full support to the programme at government level.

Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, gave a detailed account of Advanced Skills Department including ATLS, BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc. Launching of Newborn Resuscitation Program (NRP) he said, was a great step to save the lives of newborns. Prof. Tayyaba Khawar Butt would be the focal person for CPSP for this programme.  Dr. Ayesha Najib, Course Chair, APPNA, briefed the audience about the Neonatal Resuscitation Programme. She said that the newborn mortality rate is very high in the country and this course would be helpful in reducing the mortality rate. Newborn, she said, is highly vulnerable and one golden minute is the lifesaving minute. Since most of deliveries take place in homes and there is no trained person present to look after the newborn. Dr. Sajid Chaudhry, President Elect APPNA – 2017, said it is necessary to promote medical education in Pakistan. Over 18000 are members of APPNA across the world. APPNA is involved in facilitating the visas for young physicians for America. APPNA also provides loan to the young doctors for various educational activities. APPNA is mostly engaged with medical profession and also involved in charitable works.

Dr. Najma Afzal Khan, MPA, Advisor to APPNA, Member of Provincial Standing Committee on Health, Punjab also spoke on this occasion and congratulated the organizers for launching this Newborn Resuscitation Programme. (PR)

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