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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


Another opportunity of
Funding for Research


Many Residents in training and junior faculty members often have lot of good ideas for research but they are handicapped and cannot undertake research due to lack of funding. However, now to undertake Research, funding is no more a problem, Thanks to a unique academic initiative by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals who in collaboration with Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences has established PharmEvo Research Forum to promote research culture and art of medical writing and scientific publishing. www.prfpharmevo.biz

Its objectives include professional capacity building of healthcare professionals through hands on Workshops on different topics, training courses and help establish Research Cells at medical institutions. Yet another objective is providing funding for research to young researchers and junior faculty members in particular. To create awareness about this facility, PharmEvo Research Forum held meetings at Karachi and Lahore and to further disseminate knowledge, more meetings and particularly on How to Write Research Grants are being planned. A national panel of eminent medical personalities drawn from different disciplines has been constituted to serve as Advisors to PRF to realize its objectives.

Those interested to get funding are requested to login on PharmEvo Research Forum website www.prfpharmevo.biz or click on the link below

https://prf.pharmevo.biz/projects/clinical-research-grant/to directly explore the terms and conditions, eligibility, topics preferred for research and how to apply for these research grants. The research grants could be up to three hundred thousand rupees and the last date for submission of proposals is October 30th 2021. All the research proposals received will be reviewed by the Advisors and the names of successful candidates will be announced on 30th November 2021.

The projects submitted for grants should fulfil the following criteria:

Originality: Project demonstrates an innovative, challenging idea; critical, independent thinking; advanced scholarship; a new or experimental approach.

Potential for impact: Project makes a meaningful contribution to discourse and/or to the field; expands knowledge; is a catalyst for future inquiry; raises awareness of an understudied issue; promotes diversity in subject matter, participants, and audience.

Feasibility: Project has clear and realistic goals, timeframe, work plan, and budget.
Capacity: Applicant possesses strong qualifications and/or knowledge; demonstrates ability to carry out the project successfully; has access to necessary resources outside of the grant request.

Howsoever, please note:

Those applying for research grants should download the Research Grant Template from the website and link mentioned above.

Important section of the grant proposal should include the following:

1. Introduction
2. Rationale of the study
3. Study objective
4. Operational definitions
5. Methodology

This section should include Duration, Study design, Study setting, Sampling technique, Inclusion criteria, Exclusion criteria Data collection procedure, Statistical analysis, References and IRB Approval received or in process.

Other information which is required include the following:

For any further details contact E mail: www.prfpharmevo.biz

Acknowledgment: Most of the information in this column has been reproduced from the PharmEvo Research Forum web site i.e. www.prfpharmevo.biz