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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Moral degeneration
of the society

The sad incidence of harassment of a young female at Iqbal Park on the Independence Day needs to be condemned in the strongest possible way.1 It shows the total moral degeneration of the society. Those who were involved in this shameful incident of harassing, teasing and manhandling of the girl for almost two and a half hours cannot be termed as human beings but they are worse than the animals.

According to reports hundreds of youth are reported to have been involved in this shameful act and there was none who could come forward to save the girl. Emergency calls made to police did not get any response either. This is yet another proof of the incompetence and inefficiency of the provincial government. It is well known that on such occasions people in large number gather at such places hence why no police security was present there? During the last couple of weeks’ numerous incidents has happened and in some cases even the victims lost their lives and all those cases are as usual being investigated by the law enforcing agencies. Government officials also as usual make announcements of ensuring justice to the victims in such cases and while no decisions are taken in a case, another similar case happens and this has now been going on for quite some time. This also shows the mental health of the younger generation. Even for a second those involved in this incident did not realize that they have their own daughters and sisters at home and if such incidents take place with them, what will be their feelings.

Apart from the government action, it is also the responsibility of the parents to look at the behavior of their children. They have certainly failed in their proper upbringing. Our moral and family values are fast eroding which must be a cause for concern for everyone in the society. After such repeated incidents, female will certainly feel insecure. There are cases of harassment at work place and incidents of sexual harassment are also reported from time to time. We need to provide secure and comfortable environment for everyone, female in particular so that they can play their role in the development, otherwise we will be losing this talent. The Chief Minister, the Prime Minister has taken notice, numerous politicians and people from different segments of the society have condemned this incident, hence one hopes recurrence of such incidents will be checked but if the past is any guide, one should not expect much. Society as a whole need to ponder over such issues as to where are we going?

Ref: Harassment of a young girl at Iqbal Park (Menar-e-Pakistan) Lahore on Independence Day. Daily Jang August 19, 2021. Page-1.

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