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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


A kind hearted cardiologist
serving the rural community


In today’s materialistic world where everyone including the medical profession has been infected with the materialistic virus, still there is no dearth of God fearing, kind hearted healthcare professionals who believe and practice ethical medicine. Unaffected with the surrounding environment or commercial virus, they serve their patients with devotion and dedication. During my recent visit to Mianwali, Bhakkar and Dera Ismail Khan in connection with the interactive small group discussion on Medical Uses of Aspirin, it was a unique and fascinating experience to meet and talk to Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhran who is one such members of the medical profession of which the country can be proud of. They are the real pride of Pakistan serving the rural community.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra has established Siddique Medical Complex at Bhakkar which provides healthcare facilities in numerous specialties. Some of the specialists practice at the Complex daily while quite a few senior consultants come every Sunday or Friday. Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra himself after MBBS did Diploma in Cardiology and later MD in Cardiology. Perhaps he is student of Prof. Shaharyar Sheikh who helped build Punjab Institute of Cardiology which is one of the most important tertiary cardiac care facility in Punjab. Prof. Shaharyar Sheikh himself an eminent cardiologist is a thorough gentleman who practices ethical medicine. He must have inculcated some of these good qualities of ethical medical practice in his students which includes Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra.

Dr. Sattar Lodhra welcomes every patient and the visitors with a smiling face. He looks very happy, relaxed, contented and gives due respect to every patient. He listens to the patients before embarking on physical examination and taking detailed history which is the backbone of clinical skills. Practice of medicine is a combination of science and art and he gives importance to each one of them before writing the prescription. This has earned him the trust of his patients who love him and respect him. He enjoys tremendous respect in the society and the community. Yet another important aspect of his practice is his availability within five minutes whenever an emergency comes any time in the day or night since he lives adjacent to the Siddique Medical Complex. Even if a patient comes in emergency at midnight or early in the morning, he will be there within minutes and remains with the patient till he or she is stabilized which might take an hour or more. This is a great satisfaction for the patients and their attendants.

Consultants practicing at Siddique Medical Complex charge quite handsome consultation fee but Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra, I was told has a modest consultation fee. Perhaps he believes that the consultants should charge consultation fee which the community they serve can afford. He will even forgo that if the patient cannot afford it. The Centre provides all sort of emergency services including Lithotripsy, Ultrasound, Gastroscopy, X-Ray, Labour Room, laboratory services; it also houses TB Centre and is equipped with an Operation Theatre. Consultants who practice at Siddique Medical Complex includes Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Radiologist, Pulmonologist, Dental Surgeon and Child Specialist who are available daily. Other consultants who visit and see patients on Friday or Sunday include Neurosurgeon, Gastroenterologist, Skin Specialist, ENT Surgeon, Psychiatrist and Cardiologist. Providing all these facilities to the patients of this area at their door step is yet a commendable effort. Dr. Lodhra also runs a Private School which employs well qualified and experienced teachers, the tuition fee is quite reasonable which the children of the area can afford and its results are exceptional wherein students of the school earn top positions in the Board Examinations. This also reflects the devotion and dedication of the teaching staff. Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra is involved in lot of charity and social work as well. He is a member of European Society of Cardiology, American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. The Government authorities need to appreciate and recognize the services of such healthcare professionals who are serving in the small cities and towns serving the rural community. They should also be provided all the facilities and encouragement so that they serve people of their areas much better. The respect and status which doctors like Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra enjoy in the society and community they serve cannot be imagined by doctors practicing in the big cities. It is healthcare professionals like Dr. Abdul Sattar Lodhra who have kept up the image of this noble profession despite the fact that the overall image of the medical profession in the society these days is at its lowest ebb due to various reasons which includes being infected with corruption and commercialization virus and unethical medical practice.

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