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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Orthopaedic surgeons
doing brain surgery


The Judicial Commission which investigated the murder of Mir Murtaza Bhutto headed by Mr. Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid the other member being Dr. Ghaus Mohammad and Amanullah Abbasi had asked some very probing and searching questions to the members of the medical team as well as lawyers. Some times the doctors were unable to answer the questions satisfactorily and asked for time. At times it gave the impression as if the honourable members of the judiciary knew much more about forensic medicine than the forensic medicine expert themselves. The difference was that both members of the judicial commission had studied the case thoroughly and looked at each and every aspect related to forensic medicine and murder while the doctors were found wanting at numerous occasions as to why no emergency medical aid could be provided to late Mir Murtaza Bhutto with the result that he is reported to have died due to excessive bleeding and non availability of medical care in time.

Now during the discussion on constitutional petition filed by the Supreme Court Bar Associaton and few other Bar Associations in the Supreme Court regarding the likely extra constitutional measures in the wake of present political activities by two parties, an honourable member of the Supreme Court had made an observation that an orthopaedic surgeon had done the brain surgery four times and we don’t want him to do the fifth operation. These observations were quite meaningful. It is unfortunate that democratic system has not been allowed to function in the country and after every few years, it is derailed. During this process we have lost half the country.

It was with great efforts that we were able to make the 1973 constitution which has been accepted by all the provinces and political parties. We need to find solution to all our problems within the 1973 constitution. Political leadership is expected to put the national interests before their personal and vested interests. People loved Imran Khan as a Cricketing Hero, the one who won the Cricket World Cup. He was also loved as a philanthropist and when the established the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, people were all praise for him. However, Imran Khan as a politician has disappointed every one. The language he used during the election campaign against his opponents, the speeches he has been making for the last three weeks dancing on the Container in Islamabad are all unbecoming of a leader of a status of Imran Khan. The country has suffered a lot, the whole economic development has been seriously affected and the visit of Chinese President had to be put off for the time being. His repeated reference to the Third Umpire has exposed the whole plan and Imran Khan himself as well. Every one who had great hope in Imran Khan as an emerging political force has been disappointed to such an extent, that many are now regretting to have voted for him and a lot many may not vote for him in the coming elections whenever they are held. Not only that his political activities may also adversely affect the functioning of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and some other health and educational institutions being run and managed by him. What a pity.

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