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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Arrogance is a
highly fatal disease 


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Any institution or organization which has concentrated all the powers in one individual is domed to be a failure sooner or later since power goes to the head and the leadership starts taking decisions which are not based on sound findings. They are most often surrounded by a group of “Sycophants” whose only job is to sing praises and make the leader believe that he or she was indispensable and the moment he or she leaves, this institution or organization is going to be destroyed within no time. Little do they realize that graveyards are full of people who once considered them indispensable.

For the successful functioning of any organization or institution, it is extremely important to listen to the dissenting voices, all those who do not agree with your point of view should be given due respect, listen to their viewpoint and do not consider them your enemies. Try to benefit from collective wisdom, have meaningful discussions with all the stake holders before taking any final decision. It is quite likely that you might get some useful advice which is in the best interest of the institution and organization.

Once someone starts behaving like a dictator, refuses to listen to others viewpoint, it results in arrogance which is a highly fatal disease. We see this happening every day in our lives but alas refuse to learn any lesson. Those once in power soon find them in wilderness or in Jail and we have seen this happening quite frequently in numerous institutions and organizations. One must remember that all those trees which provide shelter and bear fruits bend themselves to suite the situation. As one goes up and gets higher position, one should be more humble, polite, affectionate to the juniors and respect the seniors. Be kind and acknowledge the help and assistance you have got from different people which helped you to progress in your professional career. All those who do not remember their benefactors will eventually end up as a failure. No one is perfect, we are all human beings and to err is human. Try to follow the good qualities from every one you come in contact and leave others. Those who follow these principles will be extremely successful in their chosen profession. Be careful of foolish friends. Remember the speech one of the former British Prime Ministers Clement Attlee had made in the Parliament “Oh Lord save me from my friends, I know who my enemies are”.

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