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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


Ambassadors of
Goodwill for Pakistan


Pakistan is facing terrorism of worst kind for the last couple of years and we have successfully eliminated this menace to a great extent paying a very heavy price. However, despite that the world media continues to portray an image of Pakistan being the most dangerous country which is not at all true. They have their own vested interests and wish to put pressure on Pakistan but what is most surprising is the role of the Pakistani media itself, the electronic media in particular which is working overtime to project a negative image of Pakistan.

It is unfortunate to note that the media has miserably failed to project the positive image of Pakistan. There are lot of good work under way. Lot of development and infrastructure development is taking place which in the long run will definitely improve social services, have impact on provision of education and health services as well. However, it never of seldom finds any place while any minor mishap is blown out of proportion and the electronic media keeps on highlighting that for days.

Despite all this we have some friends in the medical profession from overseas who come to Pakistan, teach and train our doctors, share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues. One such example is the Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases and Surgical Week for Endocrine Diseases being celebrated by the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for the last twelve years. This initiative was taken by Prof.Mutaz Maher an eminent colorectal surgeon when he was in the faculty of JPMC and after his retirement, this academic activity is regularly organized by Dr. Shamim Qureshi and his team. We have seen a large number of world renowned colorectal surgeons from North America, Europe and Asia coming to Karachi to demonstrate the latest surgical techniques which are shown live to the audience in the JPMC auditorium. At the end of their visit they are all so impressed and they not only promise to promote this meeting but encourage their colleagues to visit Pakistan without any fear saying that it is absolutely safe. Many of them even were courageous enough to disregard the advice and suggestions of their Governments and families against visiting Pakistan. They found their visit very fruitful and every year at the concluding session, these guests wish to come back to Pakistan again. They thus work as Goodwill ambassadors of Pakistan for which we as a Nation should be extremely grateful and also thank all those who started and organize such academic activities. Even during the worst times when the law and order situation was not so good in Karachi, these friends from overseas came and enriched the scientific programme of these meetings. Previously there used to be just one Master Trainer but now there are always two guests one Master Trainer and the other Course Coordinator.

The Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases at JPMC which has emerged as an important academic event in the annual calendar has become so popular that now the organizers has announced the programme till Year 2021 and the Guest Faculty, Master Trainer and Course Coordinator have also given their consent. Eminent Colorectal Surgeons who will be visiting in the days to come include Prof. Francis Seow-Choen from Singapore and Prof. Roger Motson from UK in 2018, Prof. Yes Panis from France and Prof. Patrick Ronan O’Connell from Ireland in 2019, Prof. Paris Tekkis from England and Prof. Steven Wexner from USA in 2020 while Prof. Klaus Matzel from Germany and Prof. Brendan Morsan from UK have confirmed their participation in the course to be organized in 2021.

Prof Mark Lansdown from Leeds Teaching Hospital UK and Prof. Neil Samuel Tolley from Cardiff also from UK are scheduled to visit Pakistan from March 12-15th 2018 to participate in the surgical Week for Endocrine Diseases again scheduled at JPMC while Prof.Gregory Randolph from USA and Prf.Kepal N. Patel also form USA have also confirmed their visit to Pakistan from February 25-28, 2018. Surgical Week for Endocrine Diseases which was started at JPMC a few years ago has now also become a regular annual feature.

Congratulations to the organizers and heartiest welcome to the above distinguished guests who will work as Goodwill Ambassadors for Pakistan just like their predecessors who talked to them and convinced them to visit Pakistan.

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