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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


 Prove your credibility
Money will run after you


Dow University of Health Sciences honoured Prof. Shareef Chaudhry former Principal of DMC and an eminent cardiologist by inviting him to be the chief guest and formally inaugurate the Dow Dental College on November 7th 2012. He was also presented a Life Time Achievement Award on this occasion by Prof. Adeebul Hassan Rizvi.

While thanking the DUHS for his unique honour, Prof. Shareef Chaudhry also had a piece of advice for his professional colleges in the healthcare profession. He asked them “Do not run after money, establish your credibility, once this is accomplished, money will run after you”. However, unfortunately like all other sections of the society, members of the medical profession have also been infected with the materialistic virus. Every one is going for short cut and wish to accumulate as much wealth as possible through all means. They are running after money and most of the time, money is running much faster and they try to follow it and this vicious circle goes on and on. In order to achieve riches, then they do not mind indulging in all sort of unethical practices. Little do they realize that money can never buy them happiness? Contentment is a blessing but not every one has been blessed with this invaluable gift.
Those who run after money, not only fail to achieve any happiness but their family life is also ruined in this process. Rizk-e-Hial not only offers lot of professional satisfaction but plays a vital role in the future progress and development of one’s family. One does not have to be filthy rich to ensure proper development and progress of family and children- it is something which only a few kind hearted, God fearing people in the society can understand.
We in the medical profession have quite a few respectable role models who made a great name and also earned tremendous love and respect from the society. Prof. Shareef Chaudhry’s advice to the healthcare professionals is very timely and it has been offered at a time when the image of the medical profession is not so good in the public at large. Let us hope that his pearls of wisdom will have some affect and show the healthcare professionals the right path whereby they serve the ailing humanity with devotion, dedication, concentrate on teaching, training and patient care besides research. If they have firm faith in God Almighty, they will eventually get the reward and earn rich dividends.{jcomments on}

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