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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Political illness, 
medical profession and 
Professional ethics


Whenever the government takes some action against corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen or other criminals from the affluent class, they pretend to be sick and first prefer to get admitted in a hospital rather than going to the Jail. They are helped by the corrupt element in the healthcare facilities who are ever ready to oblige them. Then they make use of their contacts in the power corridors and eventually succeed in getting a certificate from the doctors stating that their illness is very serious and we do not have facilities for its management in the country, hence they must go abroad for treatment. This Tamasha has been going on in this country for the last many years. Little do these healthcare facilities and the members of the medical profession involved in such scheming realize that they cannot befool the people all the time? Members of the medical profession are supposed to uphold professional ethics while performing their duties but how most often these professional ethics are flouted “after making a deal” is now an open secret. Surprisingly the illness of these corrupt elements goes away as soon they are released or fly out of the country.

Such actions on the part of healthcare facilities and members of the medical profession not only tarnish their image but further erode their credibility whatever is left. Despite the fact that we have a large number of healthcare professionals who are honest, uphold professional ethics, actions by these few bring a bad name to the entire doctor’s community. Issuance of false certificates by healthcare professionals and medical institutions needs to be carefully looked into so that the laws are not flouted and justice is seen to be done. Each and every individual citizen should have equal rights and sooner some actions are taken to ensure that every one abides the laws and no one gets a preferential treatment, better it will be for the society as a whole. An independent medical commission should investigate all such cases before the corrupt involved get any relief or leave the country to avoid facing court cases or investigations for alleged corrupt practices. Professional specialty organizations and members of the medical profession in general should also keep an eye on those healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals who are found ever willing to “co-operate” with these corrupt elements and their social boycott could be another option. Till such time that we ensure that in the eyes of law, everyone is equal and everyone should abide by the rules and regulations, uphold constitution, we cannot accomplish the task of a strong Nation. All of us must play our role in exposing the corrupt in our society in every field and support those who are for the rule of law and constitution in the country.{jcomments on}

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