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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Learn to say No if you
wish to succeed

Be honest to the profession you have chosen, have some principles in life and do not compromise on those. Uphold professional ethics. Since it is not possible to please everyone, do not waste your energies in this futile exercise and learn to say NO if you wish to succeed in life. The above are some of the pre-requisites for success.

Try to find your own comfort zone. You do not have to be rude while saying No, be polite. Helping and facilitating others is a good thing but one does not need to indulge in unethical practices to please others. However, it is important to learn how to say No, as it can have some consequences which you might have to face. Another drawback could be that you may not be a very popular person but on the other hand, you will earn and enjoy respect. However, the other option is that if you start pleasing every one, there is a great danger of losing all respect and those who do not have self-respect and guard their professional integrity, are eventually not remembered with good words.

We live in a society where people are fond of going for the short cuts and in order to achieve the desired results they will go to any extent, using all resources and even resorting to bribing others to get their jobs done. Hence, one has to be extremely careful in today’s materialistic world full of opportunists. Flexibility is the other name of hypocrisy. Munafaqat does not pay in the long run. Try to convince, educate all those who come in contact with you to follow the right path, extend all possible help and assistance, provide guidance but refrain from temptation to succumb to pressures. Editing a good quality peer reviewed journal is not an easy task, in fact it is a very stressful and frustrating job and in many cases one ends up annoying many authors whose manuscripts are not accepted for publication for various reasons. Politely and respectfully convey the reasons for not accepting the paper and convey your own limitations if any besides overall policy of the journal and priority for manuscripts in different disciplines. Unfortunately we have just a few standard Impact Factor Journals and the authors find it difficult to get their studies published in these IF journals because of their financial and human resource constraints while getting their manuscripts published IF journals overseas is extremely expensive which many authors cannot afford. At the same time publication in IF Journals is essential for the authors to meet regulatory body requirements.

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