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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


Know your
responsibilities as well


Maintain, protect and preserve your self respect and dignity. Be honest to the profession you have chosen and always uphold merit, professional ethics. Never take any decision which you cannot defend constitutionally, scientifically, legally and morally. Continued professional development is extremely important for everyone and there are no exceptions if you wish to excel in your field of specialization. Acceptance of ignorance is the first step towards learning.

We all talk about our rights but it is essential that we also know our responsibilities to the colleagues, family members, society, community and the State. Pay all the taxes honestly and become a part of the progress and development of the country. Be kind to your colleagues, juniors in particular, adopting an affectionate and helpful attitude. Be a facilitator rather than an obstructionist. Find solution to the problems rather than becoming a part of the problem. It always pays to be contented, thank God almighty for all what he has given you and never complain for what you could not get despite all efforts. Avoid stresses and strains, be punctual and live a disciplined life. Learn the importance of time management. Remember Education is the most important weapon for progress and development. Honesty and hard work always pays rich dividends. Every day before going to bed, spare a few moments to think what good have you done today? If you practice and follow all the above, you will see it will be a different happy world worth living.