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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

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Prof. Brig. Mowadat H.Rana a noted psychiatrist who retired from Army sometime ago was one of the invited guest speakers at the recently concluded international medical education conference organized by Fatima Jinnah Medical College for Women Lahore. He is an excellent speaker and has mastered the art of communication skills. Apart from delivering a memorial lecture during the conference, he also conducted a workshop on “From Pain to Pleasure: How to improve learning amongst Medical Students”. It is always a pleasure to listen to him as he always comes with something unique. This time I heard a new word “Tatarian” in his workshop and it struck me immediately and I started recollecting the tremendous contributions made by members of this Tatarian Club in the development of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They are the true patriotic Pakistanis who love this country the most and continue to serve with devotion and dedication in different fields they have chosen.

A vast majority of members of this Tatarian Club (who got education while sitting on Tats in villages and small towns) are humble, honest, hardworking and sincere. Membership of this club is free and run into millions all over the country. Even if they got some opportunities to go abroad for higher education or training, most of them returned back to serve their homeland to contribute their share rather than deciding to live overseas as second class citizens. On the other hand, we have the kith and kin of the privileged class, the business tycoons, industrialists, Feudals, civil and military bureaucracy who get all the facilities of education in elite educational institutions not only in Pakistan but overseas as well. When they come back, they occupy the coveted posts, indulge in loot and plunder of the national resources, most of them after retirement decide to settle in Europe or America where they have already made lot of assets. Of course there are a few exceptions. But most of the Tatarians even if they get some opportunities of settling in the developed countries, always prefer to be with their parents, relatives and country men. They face all the hardships of life, lack of essential services and facilities, live with the corrupt rulers and face different kinds of Mafias. Even lack of security of life and property has also not deterred their resolve to do their best to serve this country. They have never lost hope and believe that the situation will change one day and better days will come. Their spirits are alive and are optimist. Many of these Tatarian Club Members have made tremendous contributions in the country’s development in different spheres and still continue to contribute despite unfavorable circumstances. Their contributions need to be commended.{jcomments on}

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