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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


Let us all concentrate
on our own work


Dr. Anwar Nasim who coined the concept of NGIs (Non-Governmental Individuals) and served as an advisor to COMSTECH, is an author, writer, social scientist and an accomplished academicians of the country. He is a very jolly fellow. God almighty has blessed him with not only tall physical but also academic stature and talking to him is always a fascinating experience. He has command over communication skills and has learnt the art of storytelling which conveys the message very effectively. He was with us as one of the founder members of the National Bioethics Committee (NBC) when it was formed in 2003 and we worked together in the NBC for ten years when we retired after completing our two terms in 2014. These days he has again gone back to Canada and is living with his children.

Meeting him during these ten years provided me an ample opportunities to listen and learn from him. Once he narrated a story which I would like to share with you as well. Dr. Anwar Nasim said that during early 70s, when he came to Lahore from Canada, he decided to visit the shrine Data Darbar. When he went there, he noticed one Rehri wala who was selling sweet tanger (this is a local sweet delicacy which most people coming from rural areas buy for distribution as Niaz and also take it back home as Tabburak) talking to another Rehri wala saying “ Yar Mera Naheen Khial Kay Bhutto Sahib Bezameen logon ko Zameen allot karay Ga. Aeh Sirf Logon Ko Bewaqoof Bana Reya Aye”. The other Rehri Walla gave no response. Hearing this I went to him and asked him “Did Bhutto Sahib discuss this with you or asked you for advice”. The gentleman replied in the negative. Then I said, Ok so let Bhutto Sahib do what he intends to do and you please remove these flies sitting on this local sweet delicacy in abundance because whosoever will eat them, is going to become sick. It is your duty to ensure that all these eatables you are selling should be healthy and not harmful. Our dilemma, Dr. Anwar Nasim opined was that we do not do and concentrate on our own job but think it our right to meddle in everyone else’s affairs.

If you look around in today’s Pakistan that is what is happening everywhere. No one starting from the bottom to the top is discharging their duties and responsibilities which they are supposed to do but doing everything thing else. This is one of the reasons that despite God Almighty having blessed Pakistan with tremendous human, material and natural resources, we have so far failed to make the progress which we should have. Moral of the story is that Constitution of Pakistan has clearly laid down the duties and responsibilities of every institution, hence let them function within their own domain. Let each one of us pledge that we will work within our own sphere and domain, honestly and efficiently, bury all conspiracies, help, assist and guide each other, share our knowledge and experience in our respective fields with our colleagues, play our role in the economic development and progress of Pakistan. Let us start paying all the taxes honestly, abide by the rules and regulations and desist from hurling allegations, accusations on others. Even otherwise this is the month of Ramadan, let us forgive and forget everyone, let democracy flourish so that we can make Pakistan a social welfare state and realize the dream which our Forefather and founders had in mind.

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