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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


Fresh breeze and positive
changes at the KEMU


Ever since the change of administration at the King Edward Medical University there has been a positive change visible all around in the campus. A fresh breeze is blowing at the campus. The new Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Asad Aslam unlike his predecessor is easily accessible to the students, residents, postgraduates as well as faculty members. He is receptive, sympathetic and gives due respect to every one including the faculty members. The academic decision making has also been accelerated, rules and regulations for various qualifications, sub-specialties have also been expedited. The depressed atmosphere and suffocation has given way to comfortable environment which has come as a great relief for everyone.

Some of the important measures which the new Vice Chancellor has taken include decision of selection of a large number of Assistant Professors, promoting all those whose promotion was held up since long thus filling up the vacant positions in the faculty. This has also boosted the morale of the faculty. After discussions at different forums, the university administration has also decided to promote all those Associate Professors whose promotion is due as Professor in their own pay scale and all those who fulfill the rules and regulations have been asked to apply for that. Disciplinary measures taken against those doctors who were most often found involved in creating law and order situation at the campus, misbehaving with seniors and patients also appears to have been successful in creating healthy peaceful environment at the campus. Credit for all this of course goes to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Asad Aslam and his team. He had already served as Vice Chancellor for a few years and before being appointed as VC for the second time, he was also made Chief Executive of the Mayo Hospital. He has always taken keen interest in improving the education, training and patient care services and often takes round to keep himself abreast at what was happening at the Campus and in various wards of the hospital.

It goes without saying that any institution is only as good as its faculty hence, every effort should be made to induct talented faculty members upholding merit. If need be, the administration should not hesitate from selection on open merit basis from within the country and overseas to attract talented faculty members. Undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, training programme needs to be further strengthened so that the MS, MD, M. Phil and PhD degrees awarded by the university carry credibility and earn international recognition.  

According to reports KEMU has also decided to establish a 1000-Bed teaching hospital and 100-seat International Undergraduate Medical College at its new campus Muridke. The Government of Punjab has already allotted two hundred thirty acres of land for the new KEMU Campus for which the previous Vice Chancellor Prof. Faisal Masood had played a key role. The Academic Council of KEMU is reported to have approved the Master Plan which will cost about eleven billion rupees. Chief Minister Punjab has promised a grant of Rs. Two billion while the rest of the funds will be generated by the university itself. The Project Management Unit has started functioning at the KEMU to complete the ambitious project on fast track basis.

A college of Postgraduate Medical Sciences being established will run MD, MS, M. Phil and Ph.D. programmes. The new campus will also have a three thousand capacity auditorium and a gymnasium besides library complex, hostels for students and residents for doctors. Construction of the administration block and main entrance at the new Campus will commence shortly. The university can also plan for short Certificate Courses in different sub-specialties maintaining highest standards for all these qualifications. The main objective of setting up universities is to produce knowledge which is only possible by strengthening and promotion of research culture which deserve urgent attention of the university administration. Collaboration with various national and international institutions for exchange programme for students and faculty members can also pay rich dividends.  Provision of friendly comfortable, secure working environment will also earn the university loyalty of the faculty members who can then work with devotion and dedication and full concentration.

Tail Piece: The person who tries to do everything achieves nothing. The real secret of getting things done is to knowing which things need to remain undone.

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