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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Agitation virus and
the Young Doctors


The agitation virus which had infected the young doctors last year resulting in their going on strike frequently has not at all helped to improve the image of the medical profession in public which is already at its lowest ebb. The most recent case, the video shown by the television channels wherein young doctors are beating and thrashing Medical Superintendent of DHQ Hospital Gujranwala is something which needs to be condemned by healthcare professionals at large. The General Cadre Doctors Association as well as PMA has done well to condemn it and calling for action against all the culprits which has brought a bad name to the entire doctor’s community.

Those who are keen to practice Martial Arts better take up Boxing as a profession or join some other profession. Medicine is a Noble profession which has its own callings, code of conduct, professional ethics. They are supposed to be serving the ailing humanity, relieving pain and sufferings but if they themselves start inflicting injuries and that too on their own professional colleagues, there is something seriously wrong some where. It also shows that quite a few people have entered the medical profession who are not fit to be in this field. Hence, it is time for the authorities to start assessment of the students for their suitability for this profession when they appear for the entry test and interview before the get admission to medial institutions.
There is no denying the fact that after years of hard work and struggle, the remuneration which the young doctors are paid is much less than what an MBA or other postgraduates will get in the market but then there is no compulsion on them to join this profession. Those who have a materialistic outlook, better opt for some other profession which will ensure them more money rather than joining the medical profession.
The young doctors have been disrupting the health services in public healthcare facilities in Punjab now quite frequently for the last over one year despite the fact that they are paid much more remuneration as compared to their colleagues in other provinces. There are allegations that perhaps some of these young doctors are being instigated by certain political elements who wish to serve their own vested interests. The government has been sympathetic to their demands and has revised their salary and other benefits after fruitful negotiations with their representatives. Hence there is no justification for any agitation or protest. Even otherwise, they being educated elite of the society, should be protesting in a dignified way in a peaceful atmosphere and convey their grievances’ to the government if any. They should not forget the fact that it is the poor who come to these public hospitals who cannot afford to go to private hospitals, hence closure of Emergency, OPDs and Wards affect the poor the most, hence they will lose whatever little sympathy these young doctors have in public. The government must take appropriate measures to ensure safety and provide security to the healthcare professionals at their workplace and make sure that such incidents which took place at DHQ Hospital Gujranwala do not take place in future..{jcomments on}

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