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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Keep the spirits alive-
Better Days will come 


December 19th 2014 was yet another historic day in the history of PharmEvo family which saw the formal launching of their Thematic Calendar 2015 at an impressive ceremony. Extracts from important speeches of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah have been selected for this Calendar and Founder Director of Quaid-a-Azam Academy Mr. Shariful Mujahid was rightly selected to be  the chief guest on this occasion.

The programme started with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by the National Anthem- a masterpiece by poet Hafeez Jalandheri. The national anthem itself has lot of message but we seldom try to understand its meanings i.e." Pak Sar Zameen Ka Nizam, Quwwat-e-Akhuwat-a-Awam" and if we carefully look around, we do not see this in Pakistan. After a brief  Welcome address by Mr. Haroon Qasim Chief Executive of PharmEvo, the lights went off and  the audience listened to one of the recorded speeches of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah which was shown on the screen as well, the Quaid addressing a sea of people with his authoritative voice saying “ Nature has given us everything. We have a great future if we serve Pakistan honestly and selflessly. In his speech he also referred to our rich past history and glorious traditions”. However, most of the political leadership which followed the Quaid and the Nation itself as a whole has disappointed the Quaid. We all have so far failed to live upto his expectations that is why, we still find ourselves far away from our destination. When the Quaid’s speech was being played, it had created an environment in the auditorium as if in reality the Quaid was addressing us all. When he finished his speech, the lights were put on and we saw a beautiful life size portrait of the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah facing us all on the center of the stage which resulted in spontaneous applause from every one present.

Through another video presentation, the brief history of PharmEvo Thematic Calendar starting from the Year 2000 and the important topics which were selected for these Calendars were shared with the audience besides highlighting the salient features of the PharmEvo Thematic Calendar 2015. Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo in his speech pointed out that these Thematic Calendars were now more than a tradition with PharmEvo and he further highlighted  the objective behind the production of these Calendars which has a purpose to convey some positive message to the countrymen. Guest speakers in their speeches commended the efforts of PharmEvo to ensure a healthier society.

For me as a student of medical journalism, it was an honour and privilege to have been invited to be the part of this launch ceremony and celebrations. Sitting in the auditorium and witnessing all this brought lot of happiness as well as tears in my eyes as even after over sixty seven years we have failed to realize the objective put forward by the Founder of the Nation to have an Islamic Social Welfare State. Each one of us has to do something and contribute our share to make this a reality.

At a time when we have too many prophets of doom, destruction, violence and agitation trying their best to destroy our economy, media in general and the electronic media in particular takes pleasure in projecting the negative image of the country (my apologies to a few well meaning conscious media personnel who have always tried to uphold professional ethics) it is indeed heartening to see that there is someone like PharmEvo which has always endeavored to convey a positive message. They have always tried to show a ray of hope that despite the present state of affairs, the country has a bright future and Better Days will come. Through their activities in different fields PharmEvo is constantly trying to convince the people of Pakistan that Pakistan has a great future and we all must play our positive role to realize the dream of our founders i.e. establishment  of  an Islamic Social Welfare State.

PharmEvo is one of the progressive national pharmaceutical concern which has over the years established its own identity and earned the trust and respect of the medical profession. Being the pioneer of ethical pharmaceutical marketing in Pakistan, it has not only done a commendable job in promoting Urdu literature, published numerous books, patronized numerous literary programmes, established libraries, learning resource centers in various medical institutions all over the country. It continues to play an important role in promoting the science and art of scientific publishing by organizing and sponsoring seminars, workshops on Medical Writing, Peer Review, Journal Publishing besides providing opportunities for professional capacity building to the healthcare professionals which are no doubt remarkable achievements and accomplishments for a pharmaceutical company since it has no direct link with their business of marketing and selling drugs and medicines. To me by organizing and sponsoring such activities, PharmEvo is also sending a message to others in the pharmaceutical industry to follow and practice ethical marketing. Holding of such Calendar launch meetings where eminent people from the Society are invited to share their views was yet another occasion whereby PharmEvo is trying to convey their colleagues in the pharmaceutical trade and industry to come and adopt the “Right Path” which not only ensures growth of their business but also offers the  “Rahe Nijat” in the world thereafter.

PharmEvo over the years has made tremendous progress. It may be a bit lower in the list of Pharmaceutical company’s ranking as regards their share in the Pakistani pharmaceutical market but the  sentiments which were expressed in praise of PharmEvo  by the young energetic gynaecologist from JPMC Dr. Haleema while addressing the participants at this Year’s Calendar launch ceremony in the Kohinoor auditorium of this hotel on December 19th 2014, one cannot earn by spending huge sums of money bribing the healthcare professionals which is being practiced by a lot many pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan even today. Like everyone else present in the auditorium, she was so moved and impressed that whatever she said was a true reflection of sentiments of all those present in the meeting. That is how PharmEvo has been trying over the years to  change the minds and thinking of the doctors community in Pakistan thus moving forward to achieve its Mission  of a healthier society.

The whole programme which was moderated by Dr. Iqbal and lasted for over two hours was conceived, planned and executed with perfection which has now become a hallmark of PharmEvo.  It was a team work, first Mr. Haroon Qasim and then Mr. Jamshed Ahmed COO of PharmEvo rightly praised them and presented this group of about a dozen dedicated and devoted individuals who got tremendous applause from the jam-packed auditorium. PharmEvo is lucky to have gathered a team of talented people and all those who are working in this organization are also lucky as they have got an opportunity to work in an organization which enjoys a good reputation and has earned credibility. Long Live PharmEvo, Long Live Pakistan.

Note: This column is based on the presentation the author made at the formal launch ceremony of PharmEvo Thematic Calendar 2015 held at a local hotel in Karachi on December 19th 2014.

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