off record
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Become a part of change
and development rather
an adversary


It has been a fascinating experience to observe and witness developments in medicine and emergence of various sub-specialties in Pakistan during my professional career of last four decades. Starting from late 60s to 2016 there have been tremendous development which has taken place and numerous new disciplines and sub-specialties have emerged despite hindrance and hurdles created by senior healthcare professionals with their own vested interests and short sighted policies of various medical institutions heads who lacked Vision, Foresight and capabilities to welcome change. They could not stop this change taking place though those who undertook these pioneering efforts had to work and struggle hard but they eventually succeeded. They are still remembered with good words but those who opposed these developments, no body now bothers about them. Hence, it is better to become a part of a change and development rather adopting the role of an adversary.

Remember the nature of water is to flow. Hence, do not view change as an adversary? It is always a good policy to welcome it as a friend and then surrender to it. It is also a fact that every human being is genetically programmed to resist change and maintain a status of equilibrium.

At present there is an urgent need to help, support the progress, development of various sub-specialties not only by the healthcare professionals but also the medical institution heads and Government functionaries. However, one must ensure that standards of teaching and training are maintained before certifying any new programme, start of a diploma, degree or Masters Programme. All this needs a team work. Let us not forget that self-discipline is the DNA of visionary leadership and visionary leaders focus on the best and delegate the rest.

Tail Piece: The best antidote for Fear is Knowledge.

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