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Shaukat Ali Jawaid


A commendable gesture
by Prof. Nadeem Rizvi


Prof. Nadeem Rizvi an eminent interventional cardiologist at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) was one of the recipients of Life Time Achievement Awards presented by the Pakistan Cardiac Society in the inaugural session of 48th CARDIOCON held at Nishtar Medical University Campus Multan on November 23rd 2018. The award was presented to him in recognition of his services to promote cardiac care and in particular primary angioplasty thereby saving numerous precious lives. This facility which was introduced at the NICVD some years ago has now achieved a world record of primary angioplasties at a public cardiac care facility.

The award was presented to him by Prof. Maj. Gen. Azhar Mahmood Kayani another noted interventional cardiologist and presently Executive Director at Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology who was the chief guest on this occasion. Also present were Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University, Prof. Haroon Babar, Prof. Naeem Aslam, Prof. Azhar M. A. Farooqui and Prof. Abdus Samad who were all invited to be on the dais.

Speaking on this occasion Prof. Nadeem Rizvi thanked Pakistan Cardiac Society and the organizing committee of the conference for this honour. However, he added that the credit goes to the Executive Director of NICVD Prof. Nadeem Qamar who was successful to get enough funding from the Government of Sindh and the team of forty interventional cardiologists who are providing this facility of primary angioplasty round the clock. I am just a member of this team. During the year 2018 so far we have performed over eight thousand primary angioplasties at NICVD and its different Satellite Centers all over Sindh province. He further pointed out that these interventional cardiologists and the support staff who provide this facility are taken care of by the administration. When we expect these people to be available round the clock in different shifts, they also need to be compensated for their time, he added.

It was indeed a commendable gesture on the part of Prof. Nadeem Rizvi to have given the credit to the entire team of NICVD. It is rare to see such professional ethics being upheld by the healthcare professionals these days. Though it does not cost anything to give the credit to others who have contributed in such efforts but usually those who are picked up for such Honours seldom give the credit to others. This was a rare exception which needs to be commended and appreciated. Let us hope that others will learn a lesson and won’t hesitate to follow such professional ethics.

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