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Shaukat Ali Jawaid

The most democratic


Prof. Lt. Gen.Syed Azhar Ahmad former Commandant of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology who later served as Vice Chancellor of Baqai Medical University for many years and at present is looking after the postgraduate medical education at BMU as Professor Emeritus is one of the most well read persons in the medical profession. He is also very much interested in history. Meeting and talking to him has always been very informative and a fascinating experience.Recently at the Day-One function of Baqai Medical University, he asked me do you know who was the most democratic President in the World and then narrated the following story which I would like to share with the readers as it has a message for those who care to learn.

“During my visit to United States, I studied the history and found out that George Washington joined army at the age of nineteen years and because of his competence and abilities rose to the rank of Commander of the army. He fought the war of liberation and told the British soldiers, we do not want to kill you; we just want liberation of our country, provided them a ship and asked them to leave United States. Later he was appointed as President of United States of America.

When his four years term of President was going to expire he wrote to the Senate Chairman to find a suitable person to whom he should handover the charge. But he was asked to continue for the second term of four years. When the second term was to expire, he again wrote to the Senate Chairman that they should find a suitable person to be elected as President otherwise he will write to the Queen of England that we are not capable of democracy, come back and rule us”. So the new President of United States was elected to replace George Washington.”

The moral of the story is that one should play the innings and then retire gracefully. Give chance to others as every one is capable of making some contributions. No one is indispensible and as it is said; graveyards are full of those who thought they were indispensible. First those who occupy the position of authority themselves do not want to leave and secondly the praise singers around them also try to convince them that if they leave, the institution, establishment is going to collapse and will be destroyed which is not always the case. One can still continue to contribute even after retirement in so many ways. Change should not be stopped and let the change come as a routine.{jcomments on}

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