off record
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Something more than
Clapping is needed

During the current COVID-19 Pandemic a large number of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, and paramedics have lost their lives serving the ailing humanity in highly difficult circumstances and stressful conditions. We have seen a campaign on the media urging the public to appreciate these HCPs by clapping and remembering their devotion to duty.

Those who lost their lives in these crisis also includes a number of eminent faculty members of various medical institutions including Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha the Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University. It is heartening to note that the authorities have decided to recommend the name of Prof. Mustafa Kamal Pasha for a Civil Award. What we need is more than clapping. Let the Government collect all the information regarding these healthcare professionals with the help of various professional bodies like Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Grand Health Alliance (GHA) and the Young Doctors Association (YDA). Once this information is available, the authorities must work out a comprehensive plan for the help, assistance and rehabilitation of their families. This also needs to be done at a fast pace rather than going through the same well known bureaucratic bottlenecks and ensure its implementation as well. A committee or commission also needs to be formed including the representatives of the above professional bodies to oversee the implementation of the measures, decisions taken. The sooner such a step will be taken, the better it will be as it will encourage the healthcare professionals to give their best under such difficult circumstances. The authorities will also be well advised not to delay such measures un-necessarily.

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