off record
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Let us look at
the brighter side 


In a country where people burn ambulances, doctors close hospitals and lock doors in the Out Patients’ Department so that the poor cannot avail the healthcare facilities, junior doctors are not ashamed of going on strikes every now and then and do not even hesitate to misbehave, threaten and even thrash their seniors, where even terrorists use ambulances to transport ammunition, corrupt bureaucrats and politicians think it their right to loot and plunder and are working overtime to destroy national institutions, mega corruption scandals are unearthed every day, murder of merit goes on, good governance remains a dream, all this is enough to make people depressed and frustrated. Even after over sixty years’ independence, we have failed to make Islamic Republic of Pakistan an Islamic social welfare State which was the dream of our founders. We as a Nation seem to have lost our way and the leadership has disappointed which provides ample opportunities to un-democratic forces to intervene.

However, we should not forget the fact that in the same country we have a large number of people and institutions which are busy supplementing government efforts in the field of health and education. Institutions like Patients’ Aid Foundation, Citizen Foundation, The Health Foundation, Child Aid Foundation, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Indus Hospital which has made provision of quality care absolutely free a reality, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Layton Rahimtoola Benevolent Trust (LRBT), Patients Welfare Association at CHK, HELP, HANDS, Al-Shifa Hospital Trust, Al-Khidmat Foundation which is running a chain of dispensaries and hospitals all over the country, Amman Foundation, Jamaaat Al-Dawa, a large number of other Trusts and Foundations which are functioning all over the country providing facilities of education and healthcare to the less privileged in the society and if one starts taking their names, it is a very long list. They are all doing a commendable job. One does not need to name the social welfare organizations running chain of hospitals, educational institutions all over the country thanks to the donors and philanthropists who continue to provide those funds simply because all these institutions have established their credibility and the donors are convinced that their money is spent judiciously. There is no dearth of kind hearted physicians, other healthcare professionals and not to forget the corporate sector which realizing its Corporate Social Responsibilities is also contributing a great deal in various fields all meant to help the less privileged in the community. Hence, it is better to look at the brighter side of Pakistan rather than cursing ourselves for the miseries and unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves today.
No one from outside is going to solve our problems. We have to find an indigenous solution which is feasible, practical and also cost effective. One way could be to join this group of institutions, Trusts and Foundations which are busy in this humanitarian service, strengthen them, help and assist them in whatever way one can, help spread this infection so that more and more people in the society join in this Kar-e-Khair. This in itself will be a beginning of a change. Let each one of us contribute whatever we can to improve the present prevailing situation working in our own fields and lift the gloom, overcome hopelessness and helplessness. Let us keep the Hope and Spirits alive and God willing Better Days will come.{jcomments on}

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