NWGH is recognized by CPSP for postgraduate training in 11 Specialties - Arshad Hussain


PharmEvo Research Forum meeting at NWGH Peshawar
NWGH is recognized by CPSP for postgraduate
training in 11 Specialties - Arshad Hussain
Topic selected for Synopsis Writing should find solution
to a problem - Masood Jawaid

PESHAWAR: PharmEvo Research Forum organized a workshop on Synopsis Writing at North West General Hospital on August 27th 2021. Prof. Arshad Hussain was the local organizer and it was attended by over two dozen postgraduates under training at this institution. Dr. Masood Jawaid Associate Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences who is also Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals was the main speaker who spoke on synopsis writing.

Synopsis, Dr. Masood Jawaid said was a brief overview or summary of a research proposal. It has to be presented by the postgraduates to the RTMC at CPSP for approval within the first six months of induction. Speaking about steps in planning and writing of synopsis, Dr. Masood Jawaid said that the first and the most important thing is selection of a topic. As compared to a research paper it is written in future tense while the scientific paper is written in past tense as by this time the research has been conducted and you are reporting the results. It has to be brief of about one thousand words. The postgraduates have two options either to write a Dissertation or they can also write two scientific papers and get them published in biomedical journals recognized by the CPSP but synopsis for both the topic has to be approved by the RTMC, he remarked. Most postgraduates these days prefer writing scientific papers because it also helps them in their professional career as they have to write papers for academic promotions. It is also low cost and offers more credit.

Dr. Masood Jawaid Associate Editor Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences and Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo speaking at a Workshop on Synopsis Writing organized by PharmEvo Research Forum at
NorthWest General Hospital Peshawar on August 27th 2021.

For selection of a topic, one can consult the supervisor, friends, colleagues, look at some published papers, do proper literature search. The topic selected must be exclusive, consult a statistician for sample size. Important sections of synopsis he mentioned include Title, Introduction, Objective, operative definitions and hypothesis, Materials and Methods followed by References. One has to fill up the Performa and then submit it with a covering letter to the CPSP. The topic selected must add some new information to the medical literature. He emphasized the importance that question must be properly understood and the problem defined. His advice to the postgraduates was that do not rush for selecting a topic. It is always better to select a common disease or procedure for synopsis writing.

During his presentation he laid emphasis that unless you publish your findings, no one will agree what you say. If you are studying patient satisfaction, for this various patient’s satisfaction scoring systems are available. Write down all the good ideas and then select one of them. Develop a habit of reading, first read the abstract and if you find it interesting, then read the whole paper. Keep in mind the resources needed for the study, feasibility of the study. Everything you do must be measurable. One can look at the quality of record keeping at North West General Hospital. Make sure that the topic you select involves short follow up time for the patients. Give reference for sample size calculation, take care of the ethical aspects. Objective of the study must be specific. He gave some examples from surgery and diabetes highlighting that even in one diseases, different aspects can be studied.

PharmEvo Research Forum organized a workshop on Synopsis Writing at NorthWest General Hospital on August 27th 2021. Group Photograph taken on this occasion shows the participants with Facilitator Dr. Masood Jawaid,
Prof. Arshad Hussain and Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid.

He also gave details of funding available from PharmEvo Research Forum for which apart from synopsis, one has to add the GANTT Chart which is a time line by what time which aspect of the study will be completed. Research proposals can now be submitted for which the last date is October 30th and after evaluation by a panel of experts, the approval of grants will be announced in November 2021. Visit website of PharmEvo Research Forum which gives all the details and requirements for submitting a research proposal. While applying for research grants, do provide information about the likely expenditures for which you need the funding. The amount available for a study is up to three hundred thousand and if the research entails more expenditures, one can always apply for further grants from other sources. Another important condition, he said, was that the research project you select must be completed within eighteen months.

Earlier Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chairperson of PharmEvo Research Forum welcomed the participants to the meeting and briefly talked about this unique academic initiative by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, he said, was collaborating with them in this academic activity in order to promote research culture, the art of medical writing and scientific publishing.

Prof. Arshad Hussain in his speech on this occasion disclosed that at present they have over one hundred fifty postgraduates getting training at North West General Hospital which is recognized by the CPSP for training in eleven disciplines. He urged the postgraduates to take maximum benefit of the facilities being made available to them which were not available when we were getting training, hence they should consider themselves lucky, he remarked.

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