The fear of death has made us a Coward Nation as some are worried on losing the luxurious life-PM AJK


 Challenges in Healthcare needs to be resolved ensuring judicious use of resources
The fear of death has made us a Coward
Nation as some are worried on losing
the luxurious life-PM AJK
We cannot benefit fully from Telemedicine due to
issues with internet connectivity
Thanks PSIM for selecting Muzaffarabad as a venue for
its Mid-Summer meeting providing an opportunity to
learn to local Healthcare Professionals

From Shaukat Ali Jawaid

MUZAFFARABAD (AJK): The fear of death of has made us a coward Nation as some of us are not prepared to lose the luxurious life we are living. Everyone started crying after few weeks of lockdown but we must remember what is happening to our brothers and sisters living in occupied Jammu and Kashmir who are facing the worst situation for the last over one year. This was stated by Raja Farooq Haider Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir while speaking at the inaugural session of Mid-Summer meeting of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (PSIM) held here from September 3rd to September 5th 2020. He thanked the PSIM in general and its President Prof. Javed Akram in particular for selecting Muzaffarabad as a venue for their meeting providing an opportunity for learning to the local healthcare professionals.

Prof. Javed Akram President PSIM presenting a Shield to Raja Farooq Haider Prime
Minister of 
AJK who was the chief guest at the inaugural session of PSIM’s Mid-Summer
conference held at Muzaffarabad from
September 3rd to September 5th, 2020.

Continuing Raja Farooq Haider said that he is thankful to the PSIM and UHS for their help and offer to benefit from Telemedicine service but we cannot use it fully due to problems with internet connectivity. We are giving priority to solving the social issues of the people here and all efforts are being made to provide much needed equipment and instruments to the medical colleges and healthcare facilities. Our health indicator in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, he said, are much better as compared to Pakistan. AJK is a polio free for the last many years and we are looking after the interests of not only doctors but allied health professionals as well as Lady Health Workers who are doing a commendable job. He looked very sore and disturbed at the present situation, he did not mince words but spoke from his heart to share his real feelings with the participants who had come from all over Pakistan to participate in this conference. He was also very critical of the attitude of the young doctors who he said, do not respect their seniors which is a very serious issue. As regards COVID19, he opined we do not have to fight it but initiate measures to prevent such pandemics, take preventive measures, educate the people. He also referred to the public perception about COVID, the havoc being played by quacks and called upon the healthcare professionals to improve emergency medical care. We are facing some challenges in healthcare which needs to be resolved ensuring judicious use of the available resources, he remarked. Secretary Health and Director General of Health of AJK were also present on this occasion.

Group photograph taken during the inaugural session of PSIM’s Mid-Summer conference
held at Muzaffarabad from (L to R) shows Prof. Sarosh Majid Salaria, Prof.Tariq Waseem
Prof. Javed Akram President PSIM, Raja Farooq Haider PM AJK, Prof. Bikaram and
others distinguished guests.

Earlier Prof. Javed Akram President of PSIM and Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences in his address gave details of the work they in PSIM and at UHS were doing in the field of Covid pandemic, the various research project which they have planned, some of which have been completed while others are ongoing including the PROTECT study. On a request from the AJK Government we had immediately affiliated all the medical colleges here with UHS and we are trying to extend them all possible help and assistance. Based on our experience, we have even started a course in Health Informatics. We have established Telemedicine Service which is being used by many and we can help medical institutions, healthcare professionals here to benefit from Telemedicine which is a very cost effective teaching, training and for provision of healthcare in remote areas. We are also looking at why the corona virus infection decreased in Pakistan so soon to benefit from the preventive and protective measures. Our people have developed and have increased immunity against it perhaps due to BCG vaccination.

Raja Farooq Haider Prime Minister of AJK was the chief guest during the inaugural session
of PSIM’s Mid-Summer conference held at Muzaffarabad recently. Group photograph taken
on the occasion from ( L to R) shows Dr. Shahbaz Kureshi, Dr. Somia Iqtidar, Prof. Javed
Iqbal, Prof. Aftab Mohsin, Prof.Tariq Waseem, Prof. Javed Akram President of PSIM, PM
AJK Raja Farooq Haider, Prof. Bikaram, DG Health AJK, Prof.Sajid Abaidullah, Prof.
Bilqees Shabbir, Prof. Munir Azhar, Prof. Azizur Rehman, Prof. Zaman Sheikh and others.

Kashmir, Prof. Javed Akram said, was very close to our heart. In fact without Azad Jammu and Kashmir we cannot survive as it is a matter of life and death for us in Pakistan as well. We are trying our best to raise our voice to wake up the people all over the world, shake up their conscience to help overcome the miseries of people of Kashmir who are fighting the occupation forces with great courage and determination having sacrificed thousands of lives. He hoped that one day Kashmir will get freedom but we all need to help our brothers and sisters in Kashmir, he added.

Prof. Sarosh Majid Salaria Principal of Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical College who was the chairman of the local organizing committee in his welcome address said that it was a pleasure for AJK to host this meeting. Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical College had a humble beginning. During the last nine years we have received valuable help and assistance from the government to overcome various bureaucratic hurdles in the further progress, development of this institution. He also thanked the Government of AJK and the Prime Minister in particular for the patronage they had received during the COVID19 pandemic with the result that we had the lowest infection rate in AJK. We are trying our best to improve the clinical research and diagnostic capacities, teaching and training facilities .He also thanked Prof. Javed Akram and his colleagues in PSIM for the concern which they have practically showed for the people of Kashmir by visiting the Line of Control.

Prof. Tariq Waseem Senior Vice President of PSIM also briefly spoke on this occasion and gave details about the plans to hold this conference which had to be first postponed and then arranged again at a very short notice.

Prime Minister of AJK presenting Life Time Achievement Award to
Dr. Hameed Qureshi during the inaugural session of PSIM’s
Mid-Summer conference held at Muzaffarabad.

Dr. Somia Iqtidar General Secretary of PSIM in her address paid rich tributes to healthcare professionals of Pakistan who sacrificed their lives looking after the patients suffering from Corona virus. Prof. Zaman Sheikh gave details of an Online Course on Diabetes for Family Physicians. This six months course, he said, consists of twenty four modules and the faculty includes eminent diabetologists from not only all over Pakistan but many countries of the world including some Muslim countries. Course fee is Rs. 10,000/- but the participants won’t have to pay anything as it will be sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.

Dr. A. Hameed Qureshi from AJK was presented Life Time Achievement Award on this occasion in recognition of his services to the ailing humanity in this area for the last many decades. Office bearers of PSIM and some organizers were also presented mementoes by the Prime Minister of AJK on behalf of PSIM on this occasion.