Medical Educationists should replace Governors as Chancellor of Medical Universities


Medical Educationists should
replace Governors as Chancellor
of Medical Universities
Without proper funding & autonomy,
do not expect any miracle or innovations
from public sector medical universities

ISLAMABAD: If the government is serious to promote research culture and improve the standards of medical education, functioning of medical institutions in the country, let the medical educationists be appointed as Chancellor of medical universities replacing the Governors. Moreover, without providing them proper funding and autonomy in the real sense, do not expect any miracles and innovations from these institutions in the public sector.

There are many reasons for the present sad state of affairs though despite numerous hardships and hurdles created by the bureaucracy, some medical universities are trying their best to do something but their lot of energies are wasted to clear the hurdles which are created by the vested interests from time to time. An important step could be to ensure that all appointments to the faculty must be on merit and merit alone. Lot of deadwood, lethargic and lazy staff which has been accumulated in these institutions in the faculty over the years, needs to be replaced. Some of them are not serious enough to perform but just are content with passing the time. Hence, it is extremely important that annual clinical and academic audit of all the faculty members, units, wards and departments should be initiated and made mandatory. All future promotions should then be based on their accomplishments.

Even if the Vice Chancellors and Deans agree to initiate some innovation, the lower staff start working overtime to create various hurdles. Decisions are kept pending for weeks and months and with the passage of time the enthusiasm of the movers of those proposals wans out due to the bureaucratic set up. Lack of positive and receptive attitude from the authorities discourage them. Some of the staff members are not at all interested to learn new techniques because then they will have to work. Added to this is the professional jealousy, leg pulling of their colleagues and this Jealousemia syndrome has high prevalence in the medical profession. If this is not enough, the condition of Tenders and going by the lowest price for purchase of any new equipment, instruments, services from the lowest bidder wherein quality does not matter at all, has made the situation worse. Even many intelligent, competent and conscious people who are keen to promote research culture hesitate to take any decisions for fear of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) which does not enjoy a good reputation for various reasons. No one is interested to face humiliation and character assassination in the media, hence their best option is to keep quiet and just pass time that is what is happening at present. On the other hand most of those heading these institutions spend lot of their time to please those in power corridors neglecting their duties and responsibilities. All this has been going on in this country for the last many years and there is no danger at all of any positive change taking place in the near future.

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