About 500 patients are examined daily at Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat


About 500 patients are examined daily
at Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat
With little attention by the provincial Govt. 
kidney transplant Programme can be initiated

From our correspondent

SWAT: During my recent visit to Swat to cover the Mid Summer meeting of Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine, I also visited the 110-bed Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital which was formally inaugurated in 2016 by former Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. The Mission of this hospital was to establish it as a Centre of Excellence in the field of Urology, Nephrology, Transplant & Research and Medical Education. At present about five hundred patients are examined in the Out Patient Department daily and with the establishment of this hospital, dialysis facility have become available locally to the patient who in the past had to go to Islamabad.

There are one hundred beds in the hospital with ten beds in the Intensive Care Unit. It has a four Operation Theatre Suite which is named as Shahbaz Sharif OT complex. Ten beds are provided in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) while the library at the centre has been named as Adeebul Hasan Rizvi Library. With little attention from the provincial government, kidney transplant programme can be started here as all the facilities are available. Since the hospital is named as Nawaz Sharif Hospital and it was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister, the present provincial government does not seem to be much interested to improve its functioning.

According to reports it all started with the fund raising campaign for the internally displaced persons for which donations were collected by the Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore. Later this campaign was expanded and donations were also collected from various shop keepers and philanthropists from Lahore. Once the problem of IDPs was over, lot of funds were left. Hence it was decided to build a General Hospital at Swat utilizing these funds. A hospital Trust was formed with Mr. Ishaq Dar the then Federal Finance Minister as its Chairman. Secretaries of Health, Finance of Government of KPK and Punjab were its members. Prof. Javed Akram was also member of this Hospital Trust as a technical consultant. It was decided to build this hospital at the place of a Dispensary which was not functioning in those days. There was 58 Kanals of land available and the hospital was planned to be build on eighteen kanals. However, the local residents and administration suggested that instead of building a general hospital, a Kidney Hospital should be established to provide dialysis and kidney transplant facilities which were not available. Hence a decision was made to establish the Kidney hospital. Now it has twenty four dialysis machines, a CT Scan, two X-Ray machines and 500 KV Generator, Patient Facilitation Center, a Lithotripter. Fourteen dialysis machines are currently in operation. It has a Water Treatment Center as well which is an essential component of dialysis facility. Dr.Rehmani the Medical Superintendent and his team are doing a commendable job in running this hospital and his services were also appreciated at the PSIM conference where he was presented a Memento in recognition of his devotion and dedication in running this hospital. Though this hospital has now been handed over to the Provincial Government, all the employees are on the pay roll of provincial government but some legal formalities remain to be completed.

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