PharmEvo helps establish Research Cell at LMDC/Darul Sehat Hospital at Karachi


PharmEvo helps establish Research Cell
at LMDC/Darul Sehat Hospital at Karachi
Offers to train faculty in leadership through
Institute of Leadership Excellence

KARACHI: The importance of collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the medial institutions to promote research culture and academic activities was emphasized by the speakers at a meeting held at Liquate College of Medicine and Dentistry/Darul Sehat Hospital Karachi on August 16th 2021. The meeting was held to formally inaugurate a Research Cell established at the institution with the help of PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals a national pharmaceutical company known for its ethical marketing practices. The meeting was attended by faculty members of the LMDC/Darul Sehat Hospital and its leadership.

Speaking at the occasion Syed Jamshed Ahmed Deputy Chief Executive of PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals stated that ever since its establishment in 1999, PharmEvo had a different philosophy of interacting with the members of the medical profession. Instead of bribing them to take on pleasure trips abroad and within the country to increase sales, they have been engaged in their professional capacity building by organizing workshops, training courses to promote research culture in the country. Many people at that time had remarked that this strategy won’t work and the company will realize its mistake soon. However, since we were sincere in our cause, God Almighty helped us and the members of the medical profession also welcomed this initiative and patronized us with the result that today PharmEvo has emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan and our quality products are available not only in Pakistan but many countries of the world through exports. He emphasized the importance of increasing collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the academia to promote academic medicine. We are delighted to collaborate with LMDC/Darul Sehat Hospital. We have established Research Cells at many medical institutions all over the country. Due to Covid our training programme have been slowed down to some extent but we hope to continue these academic activities as the situation permits. We have brought a change in the outlook and now pharma companies are coming to you to talk about research and faculty development activities.

Dr. Ali Farhan Razi Vice Chairman of LMDC/Darul Sehat Hospital presenting a Flower Bouquet and Memento to
Syed Jamshed Ahmed Deputy Chief Executive of PharmEvo after the formal inauguration of 
Research Cell at
Darul Sehat Hospital. Prof. Rashid Nasim Principal 
of LMDC and Prof. Rizwan Azmi are also seen in the picture.

He also offered the LMDC leadership to train their faculty in Leadership and management skills through their another entity Institute of Leadership Excellence (ILE). The doctors are never trained on how to monitor their staff and make them more productive. Through ILE we train the healthcare professionals about leadership in healthcare issues. The participants are trained how to keep their faculty motivated.

Dr. Ali Farhan Razi Vice Chairman of LMDC/Darul Sehat Hospital in his speech thanked PharmEvo and Syed Jamshed Ahmed for their help and assistance. We have an old relationship with PharmEvo. Research is very important and it needs a team work. He appreciated the offer of the faculty training in Leadership and Management Skills and hoped that it will help their faculty to improve the teaching, training & patient care at the hospital.

Earlier Prof. Rashid Nasim Principal of Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry in his welcome address said that now even Pakistan Medical Commission is asking for collaboration between the industry and academia for preparation of research modules and curriculum for medical and dental education. It is for the first time that now even pharmaceutical companies are also offering the medical institutions collaboration to promote research culture and academic activities. The Research Cell established at LMDC has been supported and funded by PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals which is known for the promotion of research culture and education of healthcare professionals in the country. After the Covid Pandemic thousands of studies are being conducted as a part of Evidence Based Medicine. The standard of care at local institutions can only improve if we conduct research and try to find indigenous cost effective solutions to our problems.

Dr. Naheed Vice Principal of LMDC said that Research Cell is the backbone of medical education. It will help promote research culture among students and the faculty members. It will also help in faculty development and improving their communication skills. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Malik. Later Syed Jamshed Ahmad was presented a memento by Dr. Ali Farhan Razi, Prof. Rizwan Azmi and Prof. Rashid Nasim Principal of LMDC.