Azelastine nasal spray lowers viral load in the nasopharynx


Azelastine nasal spray lowers
viral load in the nasopharynx

M/s URSPHARM has conducted a clinical trial to investigate how the active ingredient Azelastine, which is used as an antiallergic, and presented in a nasal spray formulation, acts in the treatment of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. The study aimed to evaluate whether use of azelastine could be an appropriate approach or a drug to contain the Coronavirus in the nose. The preliminary results of the study, which was carried out in cooperation with the University Hospital Cologne, CEBINA GmbH (Central European Biotech Incubator and Accelerator) based in Vienna, and the contract research organization Clin Competence Cologne, are now available as a preprint (without formal peer-review process). The findings from the study are positive; the active ingredient of the azelastine nasal spray was found to reduce the viral load in the nasopharynx of infected patients, and lead to a reduction in COVID-19 symptoms. 

The promising results of the preliminary data analysis from the trial are presented, and full evaluation of the data on reduction of the viral load is ongoing. “This is the reason why we want to share these findings with the public now rather than waiting for the academic peer-review process,” explains Professor Ralph. For the scientific publication of the study, the researchers will further evaluate the data, including the potential effects on symptoms associated with long-covid.

Dr Michael Flegel, Head of Business Development at URSAPHARM, said “There are currently many pharmaceutical companies researching new methods and approaches for treating the SARS-CoV-2 virus with drugs. Existing active ingredients are also being evaluated to determine whether they have an anti-viral effect. In this context, the antiallergenic active ingredient azelastine has already proven to be very promising in several preclinical studies. We are pleased to say that the research results to date have been confirmed by our clinical trial.”

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