Doctors should keep away from commercialization and practice ethical medicine- Prof. Andrew Goddard



Royal College of Physicians London meeting
Doctors should keep away from
commercialization and practice ethical
medicine- Prof. Andrew Goddard
Medical Technology has improved healthcare
but it has also increased cost of treatment
Prof. Abdus Samad from Pakistan was among
about two dozen overseas doctors who
were offered Honorary Fellowship

LONDON: President of Royal College of Physicians London, Prof. Andrew Goddard has advised the members of the medical profession to keep away from commercialization and ensure ethical medical practice. He was speaking at the annual conference of RCP London held on July 24th where about two dozen eminent medical personalities from overseas were also offered Honorary Fellowship of the college. Prof. Abdus Samad an eminent interventional cardiologists from Pakistan was among those who were honoured by the college. RCP London, it may be mentioned here is one of the oldest Royal Colleges which was established over five hundred years ago.

According to reports others who were awarded honorary fellowship on this occasion included Prof. M. Islam a noted cardiologist from SMMU Dhaka Bangladesh. It also included one physician from Palestine, two from Sri Lanka, one from United Arab Emirates, one from Lebanon, one from Hong Kong and Five from India. Most of the Indian doctors who were awarded fellowship are practicing in UK.

Prof. Alexandar in his address further stated that doctors have to work in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical trade and industry but we have to make sure that our relationship with them is based on upholding professional ethics. Medicine is a noble profession and the doctors in fact should also use their influence to prevail upon the pharma trade and industry to practice ethical marketing and desist from offering un-necessary expensive gifts to the healthcare professionals. During the last two three decades we have also seen tremendous developments in medical technology which has improved patient care but it has also increased the cost of treatment. Hence, it is essential that we ensure judicious use of the technology. He also referred to the global warming effect in the environment and highlighted the importance of taking appropriate measures.

The college administration had sought information about the food to be served from the guest’s particular guest invited from overseas and it was taken care off. They had also arranged meetings in small groups so that there is no congestion and the delegates can have interactive discussions on matters of mutual interest.

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