Prof. Faisal Masood passes away at the age of 65


Prof. Faisal Masood passes away
at the age of 65

LAHORE: Prof. Faisal Masood an eminent endocrinologist and former Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University suffered a fatal acute myocardial infarction on Friday August 16th 2019. He was immediately rushed to a nearby healthcare facility but could not be survived and breathed his last. He was sixty five years of age. May God Almighty rest the departed soul in eternal peace? Ameen.

Dr. Faisal Masood graduated from Nishter Medical College Multan in 1976 and when he returned from UK after post-graduation, he joined as Assistant Professor with Prof. Mahmood Ali Malik at King Edward Medical College. He had special interest in diabetes and endocrinology. Later he was promoted as Professor and also served as Principal/Chief Executive of Services Institute of Medical Sciences where using his expertise and professional capabilities, he built an impressive campus and also a state of the art diabetes center and trained quite a few postgraduates.

 Prof. Faisal Masood

Prof. Faisal Masood became member of Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, London and Glasgow in 1982. Later he was offered Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh in 1998. Later the Government of Punjab appointed him as Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University Lahore where he worked quietly and procured the land for the new KEMU campus and initiated lot of development projects utilizing his contacts in the government. He was a brilliant teacher and good physician. However, as a human being, he had his own weaknesses. As Vice Chancellor of KEMU he was surrounded by a group of sycophants and praise singers who kept him in the dark about the ground realities. Except a selected few, he was not easily accessible even to the faculty members who often had to wait for too long to see him. He was short tempered and did not like No or disagreement. As a result throughout his tenure as VC KEMU, Mayo Hospital and KEMU remained in the news due to law and order situation created by the young doctors and at times paramedics as well. He certainly lacked the administrative skills required to run such a big medical institution.

Later on after retirement from KEMU he was given the acting charge of Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences when this institution remained in the news due to the intrigues of some people with vested interests. His appointment as VC UHS became controversial to such an extent that an important member of the Board of Governors resigned levelling serious allegations against him. In those days almost all academic activities at UHS came to a standstill, the campus looked like a Jail and police station for the staff and visitors alike. Some senior professors and visiting examiners even refused to come again and ask the UHS administration that they were not willing to perform their duties in future under the prevailing circumstances.

Government of Punjab had also appointed him Director General of Human Organ Transplant Authority which was again challenged and some court cases were filed. At the time of his death, he was serving as DG of HOTA. He had also contributed a great deal as Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group on Dengue. His funeral prayers were held on 17th August 2019 which was very well attended by members of the medical profession. His two daughters are reported to be living in London and here in Pakistan he was living with his sister.