RMU will be the first public sector medical university to introduce integrated training module-Prof. Umar


 RMU will be the first public sector medical university to introduce integrated training module - Prof. Umar

During the last three months we have notified Deans, Controller
of Examination, and Registrar have been appointed

One of the three affiliated hospitals will be named as
University Teaching Hospital which will only cater
to referred and complicated cases

From our correspondent

RAWALPINDI: During the last three months ever since Rawalpindi Medical College was upgraded as a medical university, we have applied for affiliation with the Higher Education Commission, have applied for forty crore rupees grant to set up Research Lab to the Government of Punjab and forwarded PC-I Form to the HEC for a grant of Rs. 50/- crore for various development projects after completing all the paper work and other necessary formalities. This was stated by Prof. Muhammad Umar, Vice Chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University in an exclusive interview with Pulse International here last week. Prof. Umar also disclosed that since they had already been working on the project, RMU will be the first medical university in the country to introduce integrated training module in its training system. If all goes well, the training programme will be launched on December 1st 2017 based on the US format.

Prof. Muhammad Umar

We have moved very fast and within the first eleven weeks, notified all the Deans, appointed Controller of Examination, Registrar besides Faculty Committees. The training programme will be based on ECGME system practiced in United States of America. Currently we have three affiliated hospitals with total bed strength of two thousand two hundred. It includes 950-beds at Holy Family Hospital, 800-Beds at Benazir Bhutto Hospital and over four hundred beds at the District Headquarters Hospital. We plan to name one of them as the University Teaching Hospital which will then only cater to referred and complicated cases so that they can get appropriate specialized care.

Continuing Prof. Umar said that we have the biggest Infectious Diseases Department, biggest Liver Center, biggest Medical Education Department, well equipped and stocked Reference Library and State of the Art Emergency and Critical Care Center. All the hospitals put together have one hundred five ventilators, three CT scans and fifty Dialysis machines while one MRI has been installed and is currently on trial run and we hope to formally commission it soon. Utilizing the opportunity provided by CPEC we are planning to establish a College of Nursing with the help and collaboration of Chinese Government.

Prof.Muhammad Umar, it may be mentioned here enjoys a rare distinction of being the First Rawalpindi Medical College graduate who qualified in 1981 to have been appointed to the coveted positon of Principal  on February 16th 2000. Later he was appointed Principal and Chief Executive on March 13th 2013.  He was due to retire in May 2017 but as the luck would have it, the government upgraded the RMC to medical university along with two other medical colleges in the province and Prof. Umar being the incumbent Principal/Chief Executive was named as the first Founder Vice Chancellor of this university which is unique achievement. Prof. Umar says there is nothing special in it, God Almighty was very kind to me and since I was the sitting Principal, I got this opportunity and I have tried to utilize each and every moment since then to undertake planning and development work for the university. With the help of my colleagues I was able to accomplish a lot during this short span of three months. I have been appointed for a period of six months and I hope to complete all the essential  development plans, paper work on which working was being done round the clock. If I get appointed as Vice Chancellor I have very elaborate and ambitious plans to make it one of the best medical universities but if someone else gets appointed as Vice Chancellor on the expiry of my six months tenure, he will have atleast everything ready to move forward and won’t have to start everything from a start.

Prof. Muhammad Umar who was the best graduate of Rawalpindi Medical College utilizing his administrative talent and skills has brought about a revolutionary change in all the three affiliated teaching hospitals ever since he assumed the responsibilities of Principal and Chief Executive in 2013.  He is a keen researcher with immense interest in academics. In recognition of his services he was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz by Government of Pakistan on March 23, 2015. He was also appointed as the 1st Governor of Paksitan for American College of Gastroenterology and Chair of Hepatitis-C Treatment Guidelines of World Gastroenterology Organization in United States. On becoming Principal, Prof. Umar started work on multi-dimensional approach to further develop the institution. He restructured the undergraduate training programme by establishing a purpose built Department of Medical Education, upgraded the students library and students hostels.  Rawalian Facilitation Center was yet another addition in the college to facilitate the students, patients, parents and relatives of Rawalians working nationally and internationally.  Perhaps his most important accomplishment has been the setting up of state of the art Center for Liver and Digestive Diseases, a Multi Organ Failure Center, Department of infectious diseases and Departmental Emergency and Critical Care which were upgraded.

He was able to get various development schemes approved by the Government of Punjab, succeeded in getting unprecedented development funds for various projects which enabled him to refurnish numerous departments in the three affiliated teaching hospitals which have improved the patient care tremendously.  He has recorded all these development activities for a comparison before 2013 and after 2013 when he took over the charge of Chief Executive. All this has been documented with pictures in a Development Report 2013-2016. At the Holy Family Hospital Emergency Department, General Ward, Intensive Care Unit, Multi Organ Failure Center and Infectious Diseases Department all have got a new look. Similarly at the Benazir Bhutto Hospital the Emergency Department, Main Operation Theaters complex, exterior of the hospital with carpeting of roads, corridors have all been renovated. Equipment worth Millions of rupees has been provided in various departments, Patients Waiting Area has been improved. He has a special interest in horticulture with the result that beautiful lush green Lawns with Flowers welcome the visitors to all the three hospitals and it gives a very refreshing look. Paediatrics Department at Benazir Bhutto Hospital has also been upgraded by expanding the treatment facilities available. After renovation and development work, DHQ Hospital also gives a new look.

His major emphasis has been on provision of state of the art equipment and instruments in various departments and Operation Theater. At present the equipment status of all the three hospitals is given in the accompanying Table.

Total worth of equipment and instruments replaced at the Holy Family Hospital during the 2013-2016 was Rs. 160 Million, at DHQ Hospital 130 Million. Donations generated during this period was worth  63 Million rupees which included Rs. 20M for Multi Organ Failure Center,  Rs. 35 M for Center for Liver Diseases, Rs. 3 Million each for Emergency and ICU, Critical Care and Rs. 1Millin for Dengue. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif was kind enough to approve special grant of Rs.  194.5 Million for provision of Ventilators for Holy Family Hospital Rs.50M, CT Scan at Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rs.80M, Repair of Lithotripter Rs. 7.5 M, provision of ten Dialysis Machines at BBH  Rs. 15M and Rs. 42 M for purchase of new Ambulances.

Prof. Umar also established numerous new departments at the affiliated teaching hospitals which include Dept of Gastroenterology, CLD at Holy Family Hospital, Dept. of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Dept. of Dermatology, Rawalians Facilitation Center, Dept. of Medical Education, Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Dept. of Nephrology, Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Dept. of Paediatric Surgery.

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