Mental health fitness of political leadership is extremely importance


Lt. Gen.( Retd) Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar says

Mental health fitness of political leadership
is extremely importance

Media Houses should also get their Journalists
examined by psychiatrists

RAWALPINDI: For every job/work, medical fitness both physical and mental is a pre-requisite and for higher and sensitive jobs, fitness assumes much higher significance. For politicians, mental health fitness has higher importance because upon their deeds, utterances, actions, Nation’s fate and future depends says Lt. Gen. (Retd) Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar former Surgeon General of Pakistan Army.

In a communication which was received last week General Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar stated that in world history, there are instances where mentally unfit leaders have led nations and even humanity at large to disasters of immense magnitude. In our short history, there is evidence of alcoholism for some of our own National debacles.
In the present National political scenario there is strong evidence that some of our leaders are behaving maniacally. Such behavior can be due to genetic causes or acquired by misusing/abusing drugs. There is a dire need to have a legislation making it obligatory for the politicians to undergo medical examinations particularly mental examination to be medically fit for political activities and jobs.

A medical board should be constituted of course consisting of foreign mental healthcare professionals as our leaders would blame the local experts of partiality. For physical fitness local experts would be alright. He has further suggested that the Media Houses should also get their journalists examined. Utterances and writings of some of the journalists appear very suspicious and they are doing a lot of harm to the Nation by their vicious and poisonous speech both oral and written. Random blood tests for drugs should also be carried out for politicians and journalists. This should be the first electoral reform to be done by the parliament. The fate and future of the nation lies in the qualities-Mental fitness of National leaders, he concluded.