Health RAB is striving to promote research culture in Pakistan-Prof. Basit


Health RAB is striving to promote
research culture in Pakistan-Prof. Basit

KARACHI: Health Research Advisory Board established with unconditional financial assistance of PharmEvo, a leading national pharmaceutical concern is striving to promote the research culture in Pakistan. This was stated by Prof. Abdul Basit, an eminent diabetologist, Director of Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) who is also Vice Chairman of Health RAB while speaking at the concluding session of the recently held Diabetic Foot Symposium at Karachi on August 24th 2014.
Such organizations, he further stated, are not needed in those countries where Medical Research Organizations are very active and functioning but in a country like Pakistan, where the working and performance of Pakistan Medical Research Council leaves much to be desired, Health RAB was needed to provide this facility to the researchers.
Introducing Health RAB to the symposium participants, Prof. Basit said that its objectives include not only promoting research but also facilitating the researchers. Our neighboring country India, Prof. Basit said, has fifty times more research publications. We have lot of data but much of it never gets published because of lack of facilities and guidance. Health RAB has taken up this challenge. We are sponsoring Online Research Course for the healthcare professionals in collaboration with The Medical Writers; Health RAB was an important collaborator in the Second National Conference of Pakistan Associaton of Medial Editors (PAME) held at University of Health Sciences Lahore in April this year. Some of the areas which have been identified for research include cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, Maternal and Child Health, Infectious Diseases, Oncology/Cancer. We have established Clinical Research Fund to provide financial assistance to Resident Medical Officers, Senior Registrars and Assistant Professor level faculty members to help and facilitate to undertake research. We also plan to organize Research Assembly in different medical institutions. We are actively involved in capacity building of healthcare professionals at different levels through various ways and all this is intended to promote research culture in the country, he added.