Sharif Medial and Dental College has a great potential and bright future


Sharif Medial and Dental College has a
great potential and bright future

Administration needs to concentrate on acquiring well trained
and experienced faculty & appoint Principal who should be
responsible for all academic activities

From our correspondent

LAHORE: Modestly equipped and staffed, Sharif Medical and Dental College located in Sharif Medical City on the Raiwind Road near Lahore has a great potential and bright future to develop into an international tertiary healthcare facility and eventually become an international medical university. Conceived by late Mian Mohammad Sharif, it is a Trust whish he established in 1997 with a mission to provide state of the art healthcare facilities. He had a vision of establishing a Medical City out of the city and this Sharif Trust is now an important component of Sharif Medical City.
While the hospital building is complete, the construction work on the medical and dental college is in progress which will be fully commissioned in the next few years. Till then, stop gap arrangements have been made by establishing different departments in hospital buildings. Once the project is fully commissioned, these departments will be shifted to their new places.

Late Mian Mohammad Shareef

Despite the fact that at present a few eminent medical personalities are heading various departments i.e. Prof. Mahmood Ali Malik in Medicine and Prof.Tahir Shafi in Nephrology to name a few, it has also acquired a few eminent retired medical teachers like Prof.Sameena Jahangir in the department of Ophthalmology and Prof. A.Waheed Qureshi in Paediatricds, Prof. Yahya in the Department of Anaesthesia, Prof. Nausheen Raza in Anatomy etc., most of the departments in both medical and dental college are headed by either Assistant or Associate Professors. Prof. Naseeb Awan was working here as Principal and since he left, no formal full time Principal has been appointed. It was rather surprising to note that at present there was no full time Principal. It is extremely important that the administration must concentrate on acquiring the services of competent, qualified and experienced faculty in different departments where it is deficient because it is the faculty which matters not the buildings. The full potential of this institution can only be realized if it is properly staffed with faculty as per requirements of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. However, it is heartening to note that at least four of the departments of Sharif Medical City Hospital have been recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for postgraduate training which includes Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anaesthesia, Nephrology and Paediatrics.
A visit to the Sharif Medical City last month and detailed guided tour of different sections of Sharif Medical and Dental College and its affiliated teaching hospital was fascinating. Located in a calm and quiet healthy environment, every body seemed to be busy in their work and the students concentrating on studies. Students were disciplined and properly dressed. All the girl students wee seen wearing scarf. They are more interested in studies perhaps they realize that their parents have to pay heavy tuition fees for their admission and studies as compared to the public medical colleges where the medical education is almost free if one compares the tuition fees charged by the private medical and dental colleges. The atmosphere in the institution was altogether different than one is used to see in a public medical college and their affiliated teaching hospitals. Sharif Medical City has three outreach centers and a follow up clinic for the convenience of patients which is located at 12-A Faisal Town Lahore. In the past the administration used to run free transport for the convenience of patients visiting Sharif Medical City from different centers but now this service has been reduced to a few centers. Sharif Medical City has 326 beds while another affiliated teaching healthcare facility Ittefaq Hospital located in the city has 421 beds which make the total bed strength of this institution 741 much more than that required by the PM&DC.
Patients work load is gradually increasing and I was told now over one hundred fifty patients visit this institution daily and sometime the number is over two hundred. The Out Patients Department is split in two sections i.e. Medicine and Allied and Surgical and Allied. The whole hospital building is purpose built; each and every room has access to natural light and air. Emergency Department at the hospital caters to about fifty emergencies daily. The diagnostic and imaging facilities are self sufficient, again modestly equipped and staffed. A new CT San machine has recently been installed in the Radiology Department. As the patient work load is increasing, services of more faculty members are also being acquired. First batch in the medical college got enrolled in 1997 and they have graduated and are now doing House Job. After the death of Mian Sharif and exile of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif to Saudi Arabia during the Musharraf regime, the development and progress of this project, it appears also suffered and the pace of development has been rather slow.
The whole project is spread over eighty acres of land. The hospital has a 12-bed Coronary Care Unit, 6-Bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit, 6-Bed Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. ServeAid has established two pharmacy outlets one on the ground floor and the other on first floor near the operation theatres and ICUs for quick delivery of drugs and medicines needed in emergency. I was told that about eight to ten surgical operations are now performed daily and faculty of Anaesthesia consists of three consultants and eight Medical Officers. Weekly CPC meetings are held regularly. The hospital also has a modestly equipped library with most of the needed books for undergraduate’s studies besides local and international medical journals. It has separate arrangements for the postgraduates and faulty members with monitors with internet access. The hospital offers 40% subsidized rates to all the indoor patients on laboratory investigations and those who cannot afford to pay, are also looked after.
Prof. Mahmood Ali Malik also runs a Diabetic Clinic and Prof. Tahir Shafi has produced lot of patient information leaflets for educating the patients regarding kidney diseases, dialysis and nutrition.
The hospital currently has consultants and facilities in the disciplines of medicine, Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, Heart Surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Nephrology, Kidney transplant, orthopedics, ophthalmology, Ear Nose and Throat Diseases, Dermatology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Radiology and Pathology. Round the clock emergency care is available and poor deserving patients are treated free in the Wards. Deserving patients are also provided free dialysis facility by the hospital. However, in the absence of the Capitan - the Principal, the performance of the team may not be optimum. The Principal needs to be fully responsible for all academic teaching and monitoring the teaching arrangements with Ittefaq Hospital where the Fourth and final year students are going for their training. The sooner this deficiency of a Full time Principal is removed by the administration, better it will be for the health of this institution.

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