Endocrinology units should be established at all medical colleges/universities


 Endocrinology units should be established
at all medical colleges/universities

No surgeon is interested in doing amputation surgery
for diabetic foot - Khalid Masood Gondal

LAHORE: No surgeon is ever interested in doing amputation surgery for diabetic foot. Early diagnosis of diabetic foot, timely management including debridement and patient education is extremely important. This was stated by Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Medial University while inaugurating the NADEP (National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan) Diabetes Foot Congress 2018 held here at Lahore from August 10-12th 2018. College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, he said, has now started postgraduate training programmes of Fellowship in Endocrinology. He suggested that each medical college and medical university should establish professorial unit of endocrinology. Proper diabetic foot care will save lot of amputations. Diabetes he further stated affects all organs of the body, hence we need to intensify our efforts for prevention of diabetes.

The conference was organized by NADEP (National Association of Diabetes Educators of Paksitan) in collaboration with Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE), Pakistan Working Group of Diabetic Foot and Baqai Medical University. It attracted a large number of healthcare professionals interested in diabetes and diabetic foot besides a few guest speakers from overseas as well. Prof. A.Basit Director of BIDE speaking on the occasion said that after the establishment of Diabetic Foot Care clinic, they have been able to reduce the amputation rate at BIDE by 75%. Since 2007 they have established one hundred fifteen diabetic foot clinics and it has helped reduce amputation rate by 50%. We are aiming at establishing three thousand diabetic foot clinics all over the country at primary care centers which can then refer the patients to tertiary care centers. At present there are about twenty-five lac diabetic foot patients and with the 10% amputation rate, we are having two and a half lac amputations every year. Mortality after diabetic foot amputation is very high almost 70%. NADEP is busy in promoting diabetes education and now Ministry of Health has also accepted to recognize the role of Allied Health Care Professionals like Diabetes Educators and Podiatrists. Their degrees should be recognized. We need about three hundred secondary care diabetes centers in Pakistan. Treatment of diabetic foot ulcer is very expensive and according to a recent survey almost 25% of our population is either diabetic or in pre-diabetic stage.

Dr. Zahid Miyan in his address said that NADEP was a unique platform where people with diabetes work together. It has nurses, doctors, podiatrists, patients with the main aim of improving the diabetes care. Its objectives are standardization of diabetes care, education and management. We are interested in mass education and have prepared national guidelines. We will share our knowledge in diabetic foot care management thereby saving feet. We are developing practical skills thereby enhancing national coherence.

Earlier Prof. Bilal Bin Younis in his welcome address highlighted the challenges being faced by Pakistan in diabetes in general and diabetic foot care in particular. According to latest survey by BIDE almost every fourth Pakistani is suffering from diabetes. Management of diabetic foot is a very complex one. We have to prevent diabetes and tackle this challenge, he added.

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