Needle Stick Injuries should be prevented following SOPs-Prof. Raheel Sikandar


 Otsuka Awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Needle Stick Injuries should be prevented
following SOPs- Prof. Raheel Sikandar

Preventive strategies will not only check hepatitis
spread but also ensure patient safety

HYDERABAD: Healthcare Professionals should follow the Standard Operative Procedures to prevent Needle Stick Injuries (NSIs) which will not only prevent hepatitis spread but also ensure patient safety. This was stated by Prof. Raheel Sikandar, Prof. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Hyderabad. She was performing the Otsuka Lucky Draw in connection with their ongoing campaign against spread of hepatitis and other infectious diseases here on August 30, 2018. Other eminent doctors who were present on this occasion included Dr. Nusrat Nisar, Dr. Shazia Asad, Dr. Shazia Rani, Dr. Farhana Shah, Dr. Sanohbar Ashfaq besides a large number of postgraduates and house officers.

On extreme left Prof. Raheel Sikandar from Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Hyderabad
performing Otsuka Lucky draw held at LUMHS on August 30th, 2018. Picture also shows
Dr. Urooj Aslam, Dr. Ammar Masood & Mr. Zubair Ahmed from Otsuka Pakistan.

Continuing Prof. Raheel Sikandar said that we are living in an environment which has high risk of infection. In the developed countries educational campaigns are run to promote rational use of antibiotics to avoid emergence of resistance but in developing low income countries, not much emphasis is laid on preventive strategies, hence patients are prone to develop infections. For us prevention is the best option rather than curative services which are quite expensive. We need to develop and promote good habits and safe practices wherein patient safety should always get preference. Recapping of needles and syringes should be ensured which will save many lives. We also need to create awareness about needle stick injuries among the healthcare professionals, she added.

Earlier Mr. Zubair Ahmed RSM South discussed the salient features of Otsuka bottles which have prick free features. The HCPs were also urged to prescribe quality IV infusions, solutions. Dr. Ammar Masood briefed the participants about the Needle Stick Injuries and how we can protect ourselves from pricking. He also offered to conduct a workshop on NSIs.

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