Control modifiable risk factors to avoid increasing epidemic of heart diseases-Prof.Feroze Memon


World Heart Day meeting by PCS Sukkur and Pakistan Aspirin Foundation
Control modifiable risk factors to avoid
increasing epidemic of heart diseases-
Prof. Feroze Memon
Covid patients should be put on Low Dose Aspirin
therapy for three months and those with symptoms
should also be prescribed LMWH with other drugs

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SUKKUR: Pakistan Cardiac Society Sukkur Chapter in collaboration with Pakistan Aspirin Foundation organized a meeting on September 29th to celebrate World Heart Day. The programme included an awareness walk followed by a scientific meeting where Prof. Feroz Memon Prof. of Cardiology at Indus Medical College who is also former President of Pakistan Cardiac Society was the chief guest. The meeting was organized by Dr. Raj Kumar Sachdewani Associate Professor and Head of the Dept. of Cardiology at Sardar Ghulam Mohammad Mahar Medical College. It was attended by SGMMC faculty members, physicians from the city and other adjoining areas besides representatives of the civil society.

Prof. Feroze Memon in his address discussed in detail the fast increasing heart diseases which he pointed out was declining in the West but has assumed an epidemic proportion in the developing countries including Pakistan. The main intervention to check this epidemic was change in life style besides avoiding the modifiable risk factors, use of healthy diet and regular exercise. We need to create awareness among the people about heart diseases and convince them to adopt simple life style. Obesity was a serious issue. Today about four to five lac people die annually due to heart diseases globally. He showed a normal artery and the one with lot of plaque formation which leads to acute myocardial infarction. It can also lead to ischemic stroke, Peripheral Artery Disease, and cardiovascular death. At present there is no solution to this for a longer period. Patients suffering from high blood pressure can develop heart failure and sudden death can occur after fifteen minutes of chest pain.

Prof. Feroze Memon, Prof. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro, Prof. Altaf Sheikh, Dr. Raj Kumar
Sachdewani and Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Memon speaking at the World Heart Day
meeting held at Sukkur on September 29th, 2020.

Continuing Prof. Feroz Memon talked about irregular heartbeat, poor handling of the fat, urbanization which make the situation worse. It is in this context that he would like to congratulate Prof. Jan Mohammad Memon who established a medical college in the rural areas of Sindh to provide healthcare to the people. Sudden change in our life style is highly dangerous and it is essential that we must make all efforts to save lives. We need to take care of high cholesterol, increase HDL, stop smoking, treat high blood pressure, diabetesmellitus, avoid obesity and avoid alcohol. He also advised the younger generation to look at the family history of those with whom they plan to get married as it was also an important risk factor. Pear or Apple obesity is much more dangerous. We can prevent obesity by using healthy diet, increased use of fruits and vegetables, avoid sedentary life style, do not sit for longer periods in front of Television and avoiding fast food was also extremely important. It is also advisable to have twenty five to thirty minutes exercise at least five days a week regularly. IHD, he said, cannot be prevented. Low Dose Aspirin therapy is indicated in Acute Coronary Syndrome. It is just like poor man’s streptokinase which is lifesaving most safe and effective antiplatelet therapy which is also affordable. Its regular use can lead to 12% risk reduction if used for primary prevention. Regular use of Low Dose Aspirin therapy has a long list of indications in various medical disorders including colorectal cancer, it is used after interventional cardiac procedures as well. In case of Covid, the patient must get Aspirin at least for three months and in case of symptoms, the patients should also receive Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) in addition to other drugs. Aspirin has been used in clinical practice for now over one hundred twenty years and it has an important role in prevention of diseases. There is no doubt about its safety and efficacy in secondary prevention but in high risk patients, one can also use it for primary prevention. Medication has to be tailor made to individual patients. The audience was advised to check their blood pressure at home regularly and start immediate treatment in case of high blood pressure by consulting their physician. People should try to maintain healthy weight, relax and smile avoiding stress.

Pakistan Cardiac Society Sukkur Chapter in collaboration with Pakistan Aspirin Foundation
organized a meeting on World Heart Day at Sukkur on September 29th, 2020. Sitting on
the dais in the session from (L to R) are Dr.Raj Kumar Sachdewani, Prof. Zulfiqar Ali
Soomro, Prof. Feroze Memon, Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid and Prof.Altaf Sheikh.

Prof. Altaf Sheikh in his brief address also re-emphasized that Aspirin has an important role in secondary prevention but it can also be used safely for primary prevention in high risk cases. He also referred to mild, moderate and severe risk factors and opined that those with severe risk must take aspirin regularly. It will help reduce the cardiac risk and events. Take care of the modifiable risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and increased weight leading to obesity. Regular exercise and preventing modifiable risk factors will ensure healthy life. Take care of your diet and make regular exercise a habit.

Earlier Dr. Raj Kumar Sachdewani in his welcome address thanked the guest speaker, participants and his colleagues who always extend their valuable help in such academic activities. He also thanked Pakistan Aspirin Foundation and Atco Laboratories for collaborating and sponsoring this meeting. We always work as a team. We can control heart diseases by life style modifications, he remarked.

Dr. Raj Kumar Sachdewani presenting the traditional Sindhi Ajrak to Mr.Shaukat Ali
Jawaid, Dr.Zahoor Soomro while on extreme right Prof. Zulfiqar Soomro is presenting
the Ajrak to Prof.Feroze Memon during
the World Heart Day meeting at Sukkur on
September 29th, 2020.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid General Secretary of Pakistan Aspirin Foundation in his speech said that they are grateful to Atco Laboratories for sponsoring their academic activities to create awareness among public as well as medical profession. We follow professional ethics and do not promote any particular company or brand name but promote the use of Aspirin therapy in its well established indications. He further stated that in high risk patients, it is much better to start Aspirin therapy for primary prevention rather than waiting for a cardiac event to occur and then using it for secondary prevention. He thanked Dr. Raj Kumar, Prof. Altaf Sheikh, Dr. Zahoor Soomro, President of local PMA, Principal of the medical college Prof. Zulfiqar Soomro for organizing and participating in celebration of World Heart Day.

Dr. Raj Kumar Sachdewani, presenting traditional Sindhi Ajrak to Dr. Pir Bakhsh Magsi, Mr.
Kashif Riaz General Manager Marketing Atco while on extreme right chief cardiologist at
Dewan Mushtaq CCU Sukkur presenting
Ajrak to Prof.Altaf Sheikh during the World
Heart Day meeting held at Sukkur on September 29th 2020.

Prof. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro Principal of Sardar Ghulam Mohammad Mahar Medical College in his concluding remarks thanked the speakers, organizers and sponsors besides PMA and Pakistan Aspirin Foundation. Today’s meeting has provided an opportunity to remind the people about prevention of heart diseases. Prof. Feroze Memon presented traditional Ajrak to the organizers and other guests present on this occasion. Earlier the Awareness Walk started from Dewan Mushtaq Coronary Care Unit towards the college where scientific meeting was planned. The meeting was held in the renovated hall and its proceedings were shown live on Face Book.

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