Clinical Research is no longer an option rather is mandatory-Khalid Masood Gondal


Clinical Research Grant Session by PharmEvo Research Forum at KEMU
Clinical Research is no longer an option rather
is ndatory-Khalid Masood Gondal
umerous clinical research grants upto Rs.300,000 each arevaliable
from PharmEvo Research Forum-Masood jawaid

Lahore: Academic Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, KEMU/ Mayo Hospital Lahore organized an interactive session on Clinical Research Grant in collaboration with PharmEvo Research Forum. Professor Khalid Masud Gondal, Vice Chancellor KEMU was the chief guest on the occasion. Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Chief Editor, PJMS and Dr. Masood Jawaid, Medical Director PharmEvo were the facilitators.

Prof. Aftab Asif welcomed the facilitators, and participants. Dr. Masood Jawaid, in his presentation described that a grant proposal is a document that is submitted to an organization with the explicit intent of securing funding for a research project. The session offered participants some ways of thinking about grant proposals and adviced about the process of planning and writing a proposal. Dr. Masood also discussed in details various steps and parts of research grant proposal as well as opportunity to apply for research grant on behalf of PharmEvo Research Forum via a competitive process.

PharmEvo Research Forum in collaboration with Academic Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences organized
a session on Clinical Research Grants at KEMU on September 15th 2021 where Vice Chancellor of KEMU was the
Chief Guest. Group photograph taken on the occasion shows the participant’s alongwith the Chief Guest, Facilitators
and some faculty members of KEMU.

Mr Shaukat Jawaid discussed the ethical aspects of research as well as transparency needed for research grants. He mentioned that final decisions about which proposals are funded often come down to whether the proposal convinces the expert reviewers panel that the research project is well planned and feasible and whether the investigators are well qualified to execute it.

Prof Khalid Masud Gondal highlighted that more than ever before, being a doctor in 21st century is a career of lifelong learning. There is growing appreciation that researchers make good clinicians. Clinical Research is no longer an option rather is mandatory and therefore sessions like one arranged is very much needed. He also highlighted the role of King Edward Medical University in creating research and shared with participants achievements of KEMU in clinical services provision, research and especially the role it is playing during the COVID-19. Role of telemedicine department during the Pandemic was very well recognized and appreciated. He thanked PharmEvo Research Forum for arranging this session at KEMU. He particularly mentioned that King Edward Medical University was the only institution in Pakistan which has three professors of Psychiatry and we are proud of their contributions to academic medicine and research.

Prof.Khalid Masood Gondal VC KEMU presenting a book on History of KEMU to Mr.Shaukat Ali Jawaid
Chief Editor of Pulse International during a session on Clinical Research Grants organized by
Academic Dept.of Psychiatry on September 15th 2021. Also seen in the picture are
Prof.Ali Madeeh Hashmi, Prof. 
Nazish Imran, Dr. Masood Jawaid and Prof. Aftab Asif.

The brief presentations by the facilitators were followed by lively discussion and queries related to funding, type of studies to be funded, local as well international, multicenter studies, partial grant, grant for publication of manuscripts in international journals were discussed in detail.. Program was very well attended by senior faculty members from Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Emergency department, Paediatrics, Plastic surgery, Community Medicine among others. Towards the end, Prof. Bilquis Shabbir, Professor Haroon Hamid, Professor Mustehsin and Professor Saira Afzal along with other senior faculty gave the feedback about the session. Professor Nazish Imran gave vote of thanks.


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