Prof. Dr. Khalida Usmani MBBS, FRCS (1940-2015)


 Obituary note

Prof. Dr. Khalida Usmani MBBS, FRCS


It was 1979 when I presented my paper about my series of perennial prostatectomies in the Annual P.M.A. conference at King Edward Medical College, Lahore. During lunch time a charming young lady came to me and started talking to me about my presentation. She also talked about her experience of doing operation of prostates.  I was rather wonder struck to see a young woman surgeon who has been operating prostates which is usually a domain of a bit oldish male surgeons. She was Dr. Khalid Usmani, associate Prof of surgery at Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore.

Dr. Khalida was born in 1940 at Gwaliar (India) where her father Khan Bahadur Kafiatullah was a political agent. She Passed her M.B.B.S From K.E.M College Lahore is 1964 and got distinction in medicine. She got her FRCS from Edinburgh in 1968 and came to Pakistan in 1971 to joint Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore as Assistant Professor of surgery.  She was promoted as Professor of Surgery in 1980 and also served as the Principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore in 1998. She retired in 2000. After that she started private practice at a private health care facility at Lahore. She was known as an intelligent brave and outspoken woman.

She was a great teacher, a daring surgeon and a keen research scholar. She trained so many surgeons .Her main subject of interest was breast cancer .She founded and was the executive director of Cancer Research Foundation of Pakistan. She also had been the president of World Institute of Ecology and Cancer (Asian chair) She was professionally active till her sudden death. She died in New York (USA) on July 29th 2015 at the age of 75 years due to some  gall bladder disease.  She has two daughters Iram and Dr. Samar Nigar both happily married and settled in USA.

Prof. Dr. Altaf Hussain Rathore FRCS
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